February 27, 2012

More from the little DR missionary!

How are you, my favorite people on planet earth? Things are good here. Just got back to our area after a lovely p-day with the hermanas. We went to the president´s house and had lunch and chatted and stuff. It was fun and their apartment is lovely. They have a great view of the temple and the ocean. Some of the lovely senior sisters were there too. Here are all of the sisters in the mission, 13 of us. One is going home this transfer to AZ. and we might get another if her visa comes through.  So we´ve had a good week here. We had zone conference this week and I saw Sister Mcdermid there which was fun and then saw her again today. I don´t really know her that well but I feel a connection with her since she has talked to my dear Lexxy. Anyways, zone conference was good. I got a few letters. The DearElders are a little slow getting here right now, so I´m sure when the pouch catches up, I´ll have a boatload. Yesterday was unsuccessful getting new peeps to church. We have a few new people that we have high hopes for. One read the pamphlet we left and looked up the additional study scriptures at the end which was cool. We have a little FHE activity planned this week on Tuesday with some less active sisters. It would be nice to get some people reactivated here. If people just came to church, read the scriptures, and prayed, life would be so much easier. It´s the little things that make the difference. So yesterday at church like 5 minutes before sacrament meeting started, the guy that teaches gospel principles comes up to Hermana Domgaard and me and asks us if we could sing at the end of his talk. We said yes, but we were a little nervous considering our history. The guy then went up to Hermana Loftus who was playing prelude and we waited to see her reaction and just laughed. We sang “Lord I Would Follow Thee” and it turned out just fine. Hermana Domgaard actually got a little choked up during it, so part of it was a Hermana Cottam solo. But we managed and people said they could feel the spirit. So last p-day I fell while we played baseball and then on Tuesday, I totally fell while we were walking. Hermana Domgaard was walking in front of us. I slipped off the side walk and slammed my knee on the ground, but just hopped right back up and kept going. Hermana Loftus tried to help me but I was fine. We told Hermana Domgaard later on in the day and it was funny that she didn´t even see. I didn´t really bleed or anything, just a little scratched up and now a nice bruise. Silly Lenny!  I will try not to fall down this week. Today is like the 4th of July here. There are lots of flags out and stuff. I think Saturday is my halfway mark, so I will switch to my other name tag. Craziness! It is March this week!!!!!!!!! Can´t wait to see your lovely faces. We had “Salon Domgaard” this week at our house. I had her cut my bangs since they were super long. She did that before zone conference and then she wanted to straighten my hair. So they did last night. They had to restraighten most of it this morning but it was fun for the most part. I don´t really like a lot of attention with my hair but whatever. I wore my hair down in the morning today but then put it up. The wind made it a little crazy as you can see in the pictures I sent. It didn´t really stay straight with the humidity and my sweat. But it was fun. We had a good time and that was the cake they made. Good times with the hermanas! It was fun to sit on the couch and enjoy the view from their apartment. We went and visited the less active with the stake president and his wife again. When we were leaving, the president´s wife gave me a big hug and said, “te quiero mucho” or basically I love you. They are super cool. Sometimes I don´t think the members will notice that much when I leave, but it was nice knowing that she really likes me. During the hermana activity today, Hermana Mcdermid gave a little presentation and one of the slides said something like, has anyone´s love changed your life? I was thinking of you dear peeps. You are my life and I love you to pieces. It is going to be awesome just being with you and then I´ll have to get back in the groove with school. That´s exciting that Aleesha´s getting married. That means that all of us that graduated together have either gone on missions or are married. We´ll have to have a big temple trip since we´ve all been there. Love you all so much. -ejc

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