February 6, 2012

Mas de ALC

So, greetings my favorite family. We are doing good here. I am glad that the changes went well with your new companions Lenny. I think people from Peru have visa issues lots of places. I am glad you got the package and mail. I got lots of cards from you and two packages and one from the Greens. The two packages were one you sent in November for Christmas with two shirts and the other in January with snacks. Muchas gracias. I celebrated Christmas again this week. Also I got the David Archuleta pics. The girl was thrilled and screaming when I gave them to her. She sent you an email in English the other day to thank you. Maybe you can be her Spanish/English pen pal since she needs to practice her English.  So, a few more random things. Yesterday we got word that now the area presidency says that missionaries can go out at 18 years old for the elders and 20 for the sisters. Have you heard that or is it just here? Crazy that today Chelsea has 16 months. Wow. Anyway, I am doing good. I took my shoes to get new soles today. I think I will try to use those my whole mission. I will leave the other two pairs behind here and use the new loafers I bought. We had interviews this week. They went well, and we just need to have more families progressing. Families are the big focus of the mission right now and we are teaching a few and working on getting them to church. On Friday one lady said that she can’t continue with us and we were like, “Why?” She is moving to Jinotepe to live with her daughter so we gave the reference to the sisters there. She is going to live real close to the church there so I hope they can work with her. Afterwards we went to talk to the husband of a lady we talked to a couple weeks ago. They were good friends with some missionaries here about 3 years ago. The lady said to come back and talk to her husband. We went back but they were busy but on Friday we finally got in. They were still busy but let us talk. We got to teach something and they were quite positive. They have committed to go to church with us this Sunday because they couldn’t go yesterday. We are hoping we can get them there on Sunday. We have a visit with them tonight. We are hoping to get some of these new people we are teaching to church this week since we were unsuccessful yesterday. I am happy because we are starting to have more support from the branch and our new mission leader is helping us get more people to work with us. I am happy about that. The gospel is true. Good luck on the Spanish test. You will do great. Well, I better go. I love you tons my favorite and eternal family. Love, alc

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