March 5, 2012

Mendoza Week 29 or 30...I think I've lost count!

So I am on the computer now. I hope you had a good time in California for the wedding and I´m looking forward to hearing about it. I got a boatload of DearElders last week and twas grand reading the happenings of February. I think I am up to date with the DearElders. Good stuff!  I got one from Donna too which was nice and also a letter from Grandma Harvey. Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom also wrote and they said some sister missionaries took their picture for them at Joe’s which was nice. Thanks for all of the boatload of letters. I love hearing from you. Also the clipping from the Church News was interesting. I imagine they´ll be in the mission in Santiago since I think they are due for a new president. He is in the ward by the office which is kind of where I think I´ll be going next week but we shall see. Usually there are some curveballs so who knows. Maybe I’ll have 6 transfers in Mendoza. :) All is well here. We had a good p-day. We went with a couple of zones to this place to play games and stuff. It was kind of a park and felt like we were on a hike before we got to the place to play ultimate Frisbee. It was fun seeing the other hermanas and elders and stuff. It took a while to get there but it was fun. Then we shopped and ate lunch and then came back to our area to use internet. I bought me some lovely new cookies and cream Oreos that were made in Nicaragua...mmmm. You should try them Lexxy. We are still enjoying ourselves in the trio and I will be a little sad to be changed next week depending on what happens. We heard rumors about elders being moved into some of the areas the hermanas are in, so who knows. All we know is that one sister is going home and probably none are coming unless the one gets her visa. I will let you know next week what happens. I have heard that trios can be difficult but we get along really well and understand each other’s humor and laugh a lot which is fun. I am excited to hear about Lexxy´s transfers. We had a little activity at the Relief Society president’s house this week that we had planned.  Someone we really wanted to come didn’t at the last minute, but it still was fun. This week we are going to help the RS president make little cards for a visiting teaching activity. We had exchanges this week and one of the hermanas came here with me while my two companions went with Hermana Ball. It was fun. It´s hard to get in a groove with someone in just one day but it was good. During our weekly companionship inventory my companions were very complimentary of me. One said that I am very kind with the people and that she could tell that I love them. The other said that I am a peacemaker and have helped her realize that there are lots of things that aren´t that big of a deal. Anyways, that was nice. I hit my halfway mark this weekend which was exciting. I switched to my 2nd nametag for the 2nd half of the mission. We ate empanadas and ice cream and juice. mmmm. Crazy that Mother´s Day is in 2 months! Yesterday was a looooooooooooooooong day. We didn´t have much success getting people to church. We have quite a few couples we are teaching but they can´t progress much without coming to church. In the afternoon we had our weekly meeting and then were supposed to go to ward council but it got canceled. We ended up walking around and contacting for about 2 hours trying to find somebody home. Then we finally got into a house to visit a person we had contacted that said we could come back. I started the lesson and was just going to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon. I asked her if she had heard of the Book of Mormon before and she said yes, but that she did not like the Book of MormonJ... Good times in the mission. We tried to visit some members that would give us some soda or juice but didn´t have success there either.  Even after days like that when we´re exhausted, I am still as happy as a clam. I love you tons, ejc

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