March 12, 2012

Week 31- Mendoza

Well my favorite peeps, so we got the call about transfers last night and the three of us will be staying here. Hermana Vera, my second companion, will come join Hermana Loftus and they will move to another apartment and Hermana Domgaard and I will stay in our house and we are splitting the area. I kind of felt like I was going to stay here this past week, but we don´t know of any hermanas that have had 6 transfers in their area. So I will be here until my birthday and I will have 8 and a half months in the lovely Mendoza. We did finally get some people to church yesterday so hopefully some baptisms in this transfer. I would imagine I will be changed next transfer, but maybe I can go for the world record of transfers in an area. It is possible now that I could only be in 2 areas during my mission. We’ve just been hanging out in our area today and went to the grocery store and Payless to get my companions some new shoes. So this week was a little rough at the beginning. We had a few days like last Sunday with a ton of walking and stuff. We have had a ton of rain the past couple of days. We came in an hour earlier yesterday since it had been raining all day and we were cold and beat. Then we just waited for the transfer call. Also, we found out an older sister in the ward died last Monday. We had planned to go visit her on Tuesday morning but luckily a member told us before we went over there. She was an older lady who had a daughter that joined the church like 25 years ago but the mom joined the church over a year ago and went to the temple last month. I visited her just about every week since I´ve been here so it is weird to think she is gone. We went and visited the daughter and I was wishing Mom would have been there in her Relief Society action because she would have known what to say in that situation. We ended up just singing a song and saying a prayer. That visit also reminded me of why I decided to go to law school. They were talking about some of the legal stuff to do and paperwork following a death, etc. and I want to be able to help people in difficult situations know what to do. Anyways, we also helped the Relief Society president make little cards for the visiting teaching assignments which reminded me of all the good times making stuff with mom in her era as Relief Society president. At our zone meeting this week, we found out that we are going to get some time for dinner between 5 and 6. We can grab something while we are out or get something at the house, so that is nice to have a little break in the afternoon and not just eat stuff when we get home. We had a special fast this weekend as a mission for animo (don´t really know the English equivalent, I guess excitement, good spirits or something), safety, and success. I guess people´s spirits are down since February was the lowest number of baptisms the mission has had in 6 years...hopefully some baptisms soon. We have a couple of people with potential. I got a great load of mail on Thursday... letters from Lexxy (some from before Christmas), Chessy, and Mom and my Easter package. Muchisimas gracias. Dad, I saw a Kia soul (the hamster car) today and thought of you. We have interviews next week and we might be going to the temple sometime this transfer so if I don´t write on a Monday that is why. Mother´s Day is just around the corner. Love you bunches my favorite family. I am happy and healthy. Love you, ejc

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