March 26, 2012

Linda Vista & photos

It’s p-day 3 from Linda Vista and life is good. We had a baptism on Saturday that completed a family so that was good. We were happy to have a baptism for March. Now we just have to keep working for April and hopefully we will find some prepared families. Today for p-day we played Harry Potter Clue with the district and that was fun. One of the elders brought it and then we went out to eat at Hamburlooca. I had a chicken burrito that was good. Now we are writing and then we´ll go to the store and finish up with what we need to do. Anyway, I am excited for General Conference. It is my last one in the mission...see you in October. I am doing well. We had one man come to church yesterday that showed up without us reminding him in the morning and hopefully we can get him to Conference this weekend. He contacted us about a week ago and seems like he could progress and make change in his life, so we will just have to help him little by little. The lady who cooks for us came to church too. She is the mother of a member and she liked church. My companion always asks her if she is reading the Book of Mormon. She has told us that when she reads she can’t put it down. Anyway, it is going well. We had a good mission conference on Wednesday with all of the mission. We went in pants and our polo shirts that they gave us for Christmas.
They gave us baseball hats so that was cool. It was fun and the mission president told us more about his mission and family so that was good. We had some workshops and lots of games. I had a good time. It was in Granada which was really nice and they let us go see a little of it when we left on the bus. It is real touristy. The one senior missionary couple in the mission was there. They are from the north part of Nicaragua and are on a 23 month mission. They have been here 9. I went on divisions with Hermana Sutherland on Friday. She’s my MTC comp. It was a lot of English speaking going on but fun. It was good to catch up on everything. The elders had told her the week before that when we hit a year Burger King delivers J so we celebrated a week later and had Burger King for dinner. On Saturday, we had the baptism and we also brought a new family with us. They came to church on Sunday, too. We had a stake mission activity last night and we really needed to bring someone. We went by everyone we thought was going but no one was going to go. As we were walking my companion and I were just praying to find someone on the street to bring. We passed by this 22 year old guy who was walking alone. We took a few more steps and my companion said, "Let’s talk to him." My companion invited him and he agreed to go. We were still running a little late and a member passed us in their car and took us. We got there on time and with someone, so I was happy. I think the guy thought we were crazy but I know that the Lord answers our prayers and that He is aware of us. Even in something so small, He wants to help us. It was good, so that was a blessing of the week. I am happy here and we are trying to get everyone lined up to go to General Conference this weekend. It’s almost April and only a few weeks until I get to hear your lovely voices again. Well, got to go. Have a good week and last Conference without me.  I love you tons and I know that the gospel is true. I know I am where I need to be. Love you, alc

P.S. Like Elena, I did some bucket showers in Rivas but here no. One thing I am looking forward to is a hot shower. That will be good but really I love it here and can’t wait to bring you here sometime. That will be a good time! I love you soooooo much.

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