March 5, 2012

Greetings... Week 30... Rivas!

So, I am on now. We don’t know anything about changes but I am pretty sure I will be leaving my beloved Rivas...sad day but more adventures to come in a new place. I got some good letters last week and two packages with the skirt and 2 shirts. Muchas gracias. Also, Lenny, I have tried the cookies and cream Oreos and they are scrumptious. Well, I am happy the wedding went well and that you got home safe. Life is going well and we’ve got a few new people we are teaching so that’s promising.  A few people of the Branch went to the temple this week.  I’ve got to find more future forever Nicaraguan families. We are real happy that a lady came to church yesterday. She is positive and has a cousin that is a member who helped us with her at church. Another lady came with her teenage daughter who is going to seminary, too. We are going to Jean’s house to do a family home evening after this and then to her cousin’s house who invited us and the elders over to dinner since one of them is going home this week. Yesterday, I led the music in church and as I looked out at these members I really just felt love for them and I feel like I am a part of their families. I can’t believe I have been here 7 months. I love these people tons.  I am happy here and changing is hard but I know I won’t be here forever. I know I will love the next area and people too. Life moves on and you just hope your companion is cool. I know I am where I need to be and that even though I haven’t had tons of baptisms here that the Lord sent me here for a reason. Even though I don’t fully understand it I know I will eventually. Today we ended up going to the cemetery to take some good pictures of all of Rivas since there is a hill up high there. Then we went to the beach or lake that I have been to before. It was good. I will send pictures next week maybe since one of the elders is using my camera and cord to send his. I am really happy that you are writing Jean. She said you told her something about your bike. Her mom is super funny. They went to Masaya and Managua last week to buy some stuff and she told us funny stories about the bus rides. I can’t wait for you to meet her and Jean someday. I love you tons and had a nice quick e-mail from president that was complimentary so that is always good. Peace out people and have a great week. Who knows where or when I will be emailing next week? Anyway, I love you sooooooooooooo much!  The gospel is true and I know it. Adios. Hasta luego. Love, alc

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