March 19, 2012

More from Mendoza!

Hi peeps, so this has been week 31 here in Mendoza. Crazy. I celebrated my 9 month mark on Thursday and then my 7 months in Mendoza and Alexis’ one year mark on Friday. Today for p-day we went to meet up with the missionaries at the park and then went to the office for a few minutes which was fun since I got a letter from Lexxy and then went with most of the hermanas to Pizza Hut down in El Conde. It is really touristy there and I was thinking how fun it will be to one day be a tourist with you 3 walking those streets and maybe we will be in Nicaragua next year. :) Good luck with the Spanish paper. I tell people that you are taking a Spanish class. I think that is awesome. So week 31 in Mendoza... There’s a song that is called “If I Only Had Today” and there is a line that says, “Sometimes I feel like I’ve been here forever and sometime I still feel brand new”. That is what it is like here. It seems like yesterday that I got here but when I think about the companions I have had and things I’ve done, it is all kind of a blur but it really has been a long time. I don’t really like change so maybe that is why I am still here. It is has been a little hard this week since we split the area
and the few people we had in our area aren’t really progressing. The other hermanas in the ward set baptism dates with 3 people this week, so that’s good for them and I think we still get a little credit since we have been teaching them. My companion and I really miss Hermana Loftus but we still see each other all of the time so that’s good. I had a lovely time seeing Hermana Mcentire today and her area is on fire right now with like 10 people progressing and stuff so that is awesome. I also had a lovely time at lunch with Hermana Ball. I love her too. She bought a machete this week and was cutting up a coconut with it. Her companion warned her that she was going to cut herself so her companion took over and guess what... her companion cut herself with it. Silly hermanas! I got a DearElder from Hermana Bradley this week so that was fun along with yours of course. We have been working a lot with the ward directory this week to find some of the members and less actives. If we can’t find the people, we contact whoever we find instead. We have a couple of return appointments this week, so hopefully we will have some new investigators. We got a wonderful referral this week but we taught him a little and clarified where he lives and it isn’t in our ward, so bummer. Funny story about the directory... we were looking for a house and the numbers here aren’t super reliable but we finally came to the right number and it was an evangelical church... funny. We taught this guy in English this week which was super hard to talk about gospel stuff in English but it was fun. One of my favorite ladies moved and I wasn’t sure I would see her again but my companion started contacting someone and I looked over and saw her. She is so funny. First she said, “Don’t talk to me, I don’t like you”. She likes to give me the cold shoulder for a minute and then she gave me lots of hugs and kisses. I love her. There has been lots of rain lately and we got soaked yesterday in the afternoon. We headed for the house. I had intentions of going back out after the storm, after I changed into other clothes. We thought the storm had passed but then it started raining again. By the time it stopped raining the power was out in the neighborhood and we ended up just staying in the house. I am doing good...happy and healthy. One of the hermanas said I was the strong one today since I trained after my 2nd transfer and have been in Mendoza for 6 transfers, but I am fine with it and I don’t know anything else. My time is up but until next week... I’ll be missionarying it up. Love you a million. Love, ejc

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