March 26, 2012

Mendoza...week 32

So I am here now. We have had a good p-day. We went to the park with the other missionaries and it was fun seeing almost all of the hermanas there. Then Hermana Ball and her companion and the four of us here in Mendoza went to the little mall nearby and had pizza and frozen yogurt. I wish they had Yogen Fruz in the States...mmmm! Then we went to the grocery store and stuff and now we are here. I had a lovely chat with Hermana Mcentire and of course the lovely Hermana Ball. We decided that we´ll have to meet up at General Conference next year for a little reunion. So crazy that Christmas is in less than 9 months. I played some Christmas music just for fun last night. Anyways, another week in Mendoza is done. I was thinking the other night as I was taking my bucket bath about how many bucket baths I have had...about 220 I think. Good times! I won´t know how to take a regular shower. I am probably conserving a lot of water so maybe we should do that at home since we live in a desert. :) So this week was fine. It is still difficult finding people and such since our half of the area doesn´t have as many members or investigators, but life goes on. Lucy, my baptism in December, has officially moved and her relatives are all gone too. I will have to try and call her, but it is kind of sad having the person I really wanted to stay connected to here move, but whatever. We did have to figure out the water situation since Lucy always took care of it, but our neighbors behind us now are doing it. It was weird when we were talking to our neighbor and I asked her her name and she said, Elena. It was kind of funny. On Tuesday morning, my companion and I got up and were talking, just sitting on the edge of our beds for a minute and then all of the sudden my companion said, I am going to be sick and ran into the bathroom and started dry heaving for a while. We stayed in the house all morning since she couldn´t really get up and about without getting dizzy but she was determined to go out in the afternoon so we did for a little while. It was a little difficult to eat breakfast that day since she was still sick at that point. :) I tried to be a good companion but I am not really good about taking care of sickies and stuff... if it was Alexis, you both would take care of her and I would say, she´ll be fine. :) Anyways, she´s all better now. We had a noche de amistad (Night of Friendship) on Friday night with a little lesson and then a game. We now have some ward missionaries that help us and they brought the game. It was a trivia game with some trivia about the Dominican Republic and other general trivia, which was a little difficult since it was in Spanish. But I did know a couple of questions like what is the capital of Australia and also what country uses the currency, cordoba......Nicaragua of course! So that was fun. Also we got our April Liahona magazine and when I was reading it I came across an article by someone I knew at BYU-H... Helena Hannonen from Finland who wrote about playing the piano. She was a teacher at BYU-H that Alexis and I talked to a few times. I also got DearElders this week which was grand, including a nice letter from Uncle Tom. We had two lessons on Saturday. One was with a guy that is some philosophy guy and he had read a pamphlet we had given him.  He was visibly affected by its message. He doesn´t really want religion in his life but maybe the spirit can touch his heart. I have faith that maybe we can get to him since he did pray at the end of the lesson. We also visited this inactive guy who had served a mission a long time ago. Sometimes this is hard, but I always remember all of the people who are praying for me and also all of the people who pray for the missionaries. Pretty cool! I love you all soooooo much. I hope you are doing good and have a grand last week of March! Next Monday it will be April. Crazy! Enjoy General Conference! Thanks for all of the love, my favorite family. Love you a million bazillion! Love your little favorite DR missionary, ejc

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