December 5, 2011

More from the DR missionary!

Just emailing again from the mall this week. We are with the other hermanas...Chessy´s friend and Hermana Mcentire.  I got a lovely load of mail this week. I got the fabulous pillowcase packet. We both loved them. I also got your plan of salvation package which is great. It is fun knowing that you made it for me. :)  I got Grandma Harvey´s package too. I thought I remember you telling me not to open it, so I promise to save it for Christmas. I also got letters which were great. We had a fun activity with a couple of zones playing softball today. We are going to the temple next week, so I should be emailing on Wednesday according to what I have heard. So it’s been a good week. We are getting ready for our baptism on Thursday. She lives right below us. Anyways, things are going well for that and the ward seems to be taking care of things. We had a great stake conference yesterday. The mission president and his wife were there and the temple president and his wife and of course all of the missionaries in our zone. It was good seeing them all and it was fun to sing in the choir. We also had a stake primary activity last night getting ready for Christmas. The lady getting baptized this week came with us and it was outside and the kids sang and stuff. It was fun and we got cookies and hot chocolate. It was actually a little chilly last night with the wind. Then the people stayed for the Christmas Devotional but we left since it wasn´t starting ‘til 9. The members are really great here and I like being at the stake center because it is close for all of the activities. I would kind of like to come back here for the end of my mission when I can get to know the members more because they are really great. It has been a little cool at night here and I haven´t needed my fan as much during the night or I get out my blanket. My new favorite food of the week: tomatoes...fried tomatoes to go with my eggs. :) I´ve had that a few nights this week. Sometimes I do toast with eggs and tomatoes and sometimes I do egg burritos. I bought some lovely fruit loops with marshmallows this week which I have been enjoying even though the box was like $7. Cereal is expensive, but worth it. Sometimes I make a pb & j club for breakfast... 3 pieces of bread and pb and guava jelly... mmmmm. One elder said today that he ate 11 jars of pb his first couple of transfers. :) Funny! We had pizza here at the mall and we are going to get frozen yogurt for dessert after we are done here. mmmm. So I am thinking that I will start telling guys that we talk to in the street that I have a boyfriend back home, because a couple have called us using the number on the pass along cards or pamphlets we´ve handed out. I think maybe I will just use the picture from the MTC and tell people that T & T are my boyfriends back home. :) Just kidding but it would be funny. On Christmas I want to try to talk to the 3 of you. I heard we get about 45 minutes and I imagine having you conference call would be best, but I will keep you posted. As I have been studying this week, especially the conference talks, I am starting to understand a little more about how much love Heavenly Father has for me. I think about how much you love me and try to imagine that Heavenly Father has that kind of love but infinitively more since He is all knowing and all loving. It really is incomprehensible, but he really is our father. I love you all so much. Thanks for all of the support. Can´t wait to hear your voices in less than 3 weeks and then come home to a crazy Christmas house next year. Twill be the best ever. So the other hermanas in our zone...Chessy´s friend and Hermana Mcentire have had some rashes for the last couple of weeks and have gone to the doctor to figure it out, but couldn´t figure out what was going on. Anyways yesterday they told us of their fun stuff going on at their house. They said that their water had been smelling weird for a couple of weeks, and on Saturday, Hermana Mcentire decided to climb on the roof to check out the tank. They live on the 4th floor in an apartment complex, but one of their neighbors had a window they could climb out and make their way to the roof. So Hermana Mcentire climbed out on the roof and then found the tank. She looked into the tank and found a dead bird. grooooossssss. The cap for the tank had come off or something. They said they were pretty hysterical about the whole thing. Anyways, somebody came and cleaned out the tank and they washed all of their clothes and sheets and plates that had all been washed in the dead bird water. The funny part of the story was seeing the president´s wife´s face yesterday when they told her that they had climbed out of the window on the 4th floor to check it out. Now they are doing fine and hopefully the rashes will go away. We were supposed to go on exchanges with them last week, but it got moved ‘til this week, which I am really glad about now. That was a tender mercy for me anyway. But they are fine and it is kind of funny now. I am sure this will be funny for them as time goes on. I enjoyed Sister Garn´s email and hope things go well for her. I love you all so much and can´t wait to talk on Christmas. :) Thanks for all of the mail. I love you so much. ejc

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