December 26, 2011

Gracias from distrito Rivas!

(Here are some pics when I shared my food at the district meeting. Gracias!)

Yep, just like Elena, I can sleep anywhere too.  I think there has only been one night where I had trouble but I sleep like a rock. So that was so fantastic to hear your voices yesterday. I can’t believe it had been 7 months.  So 4 months will seem quick until the next call. You are the bestest and like Elena said it felt like nothing had changed even though it had been so long. We will just pick right back up where we left off 18 months before. That was super funny about David Archuleta. The girl at the house was listening to “Imagine” by him right before you called and mentioned his mission call. She wants to know where he is going so when you find out let me know.  Her mom also said that if you ever you come to visit she will take us to San Juan de Sur and show us around. I have had fun telling everyone about  
talking to you and I am just so happy. That was a definite boost. I want everyone to have what we`ve got in our family - the gospel. Also I gave the lunch lady the tiny Christmas tree and bell today and she was thrilled. She said she is going to buy a plastic bag to put it in so that it doesn´t get dirty. She is another person I want you to meet and her husband says things that remind me of dad too. Anyway, yesterday I put on the other nametag that I had, since I think this is about exactly halfway. We had a good Christmas party with the mission. We had some messages from the whole family of the mission president, presentations from the zones, a little celebrating for the president’s 20th anniversary, and then lunch. The tables were set all nice and the food was good. Then we changed into p-day clothes and played some games and ended with a water balloon fight. They gave
us a polo shirt, a temple recommend holder with a picture of the island Ometepe, and a card with all the pictures of the missionaries in the mission (which I will send to you) and a card from the first presidency. It was sweet. I wrote lots of letters this morning and was going to mail them today, but the post office is closed. Anyway, I am happy here and I am doing fantastic. One of the first days here my comp said, "I knew it was poor here but not this poor". But really it is poor but it’s just a different way of life and now I am used to it and really don’t think anything of the wood or plastic houses and dirt floors. It’s just the norm and there are nicer areas than others with more regular houses like where we live. I am glad to hear all is well in Canada. It was just so great talking to all of you yesterday. I don’t know about Elena’s Spanish. There is a really slang Spanish here but we don’t use it.  We cut off the s´s too, so it will be funny to compare it when we are home.  I had a great Christmas - different but good and memorable. I will try and take a picture of our lunch lady with her Christmas tree. She was happy and whenever we come back that tree will be in her house all year round and you will see it. Well, thanks for the new socks too. The lady that washes the clothes was noting the holes I have in my old ones. They are fine, but getting worn. So I told her today about my new ones. Anyway, my time is up but I love you tons and will write again next week. Have a Happy New Year and I can’t believe it will be 2012. Well, the gospel is true. I love you, alc

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