December 14, 2011

6 months!

Greetings my favorite peeps. We had a good time at the temple today and then went with my favorite Hermanas, Chessy´s friend Hna Bradley and Hna Mcentire to Pizza Hut and got frozen yogurt and then rode the bus home. Twas a good day. We kind of had two p-days this week as we had to go to the office on Monday for a practice for the Christmas party next week.  Hna Ball hasn´t been feeling well the last few days so we had to take it easy, which I didn´t mind. The other hermanas have some colds and coughs, but I am doing good. I printed off all of your emails a little earlier and it is great to hear from you. I will plan on the Christmas call in the early evening but I think whenever works for Lexxy will be fine.  Love you peeps so much and I am enjoying the 12 days of Christmas. Can you believe I graduated from BYU-Hawaii two years ago? J Things are good here.  It has been a while since I have written but I am doing good. I enjoyed the temple this morning and I put Irene´s name in there, so people all over the world are thinking and praying for her. It was a little rough doing the end in Spanish but I managed and I was remembering how overwhelmed I was on my first p-day at the temple three months ago and just how much at peace I am right now. I also read the scripture Irene shared with us in D&C 109:22 in Spanish while I was there. What great blessings are in the temple and I can´t wait to go with you all in a year. So we had our baptism on Thursday which was great. It is really awesome to think about the changes people make when they become members of the church and the impact it will have on their family. She lives right below us and it is great having a friend right by us to help us with whatever. For example, last week the power went out on Thursday all over the neighborhood which is normal, but when we got home after the baptism our neighbors had power and we did not. I called the office and they are working on fixing the problem, but we have almost been a week without power. Luckily it isn´t too hot right now and we didn´t have a ton of food in the fridge that we couldn´t salvage and eat. I know the office is working on it and hopefully it will be on when we get home today. The people below us hooked up an extension cord so we can have some light at night and I also used it to wash my clothes the other day. So lesson of the week is that power isn´t an absolute necessity. Good times. J There is a line in my patriarchal blessing that says that I won´t want for the necessities of life, so right now power must not be a necessity. But we did get to deep clean the fridge this week since it was all defrosted. When Hna Ball was talking to the district leader about the power, she said, somos pioneras, which means we are pioneers. I about died laughing. Lexxy´s stories about the baptism font were funny especially since I got my foot all wet when I didn´t see how high the water was. Ooops. I also had to get in the font to try to stop the water from leaking until someone from the bishopric got there to fix it. Funny stuff. We went on exchanges last week with the sisters in our zone. Hna Bradley came with me and Hna Ball went with Hna Mcentire. It was real fun and I learned a lot. It was nice being with an experienced missionary although I did start to fall into my old ways of not feeling the necessity to talk to the people when there is somebody else there who can. It is awesome that Lexxy is going to train. She will be awesome. You just do the best you can and not worry about the rest. So I´ll have 6 months tomorrow (Yipee!) and Lexxy 9 months on Friday. Awesome. I have one year to make it count and learn what I need to learn. It just seems like yesterday that I was at the MTC saying to Hna Mcentire that we would be a third of the way at Christmas. I told her that again today. The time really does go by fast and I am pretty content with life right now even though I would love to be with you all. I am really looking forward to this time of year next year. I am glad you are getting my mail. That must have been the letter I wrote during the exchanges with Hna Bradley if I remember right. That was really a great time and I told her that I had read her blog before the mission and that it was kind of weird and fun to be walking the streets of the DR with her. It will be interesting to see what happens with changes next week. We don´t think we will be having any changes, but we have heard there will be a trio somewhere which I wouldn´t mind if it was with Hna Mcentire since Hna Bradley is going home next week. But we will find out on Sunday night. I am sad that she is going home next week since I was just finally getting to know her and the four of us were spending more time together. It is kind of the same feeling I had when I was getting ready to leave in June and felt like I was just starting to get to know some of the people in 70th ward. The people are great here and get offended when we tell them we can´t eat with them, so we will see how it works for Christmas. It has been great emailing and I am looking forward to next week emailing and then Christmas!!!!!!!! I love you all so much and I am doing fantastico.  Feliz Navidad.  Love you to the 46th power.  Elena

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