December 19, 2011

Week 19 in Mendoza... Merry Christmas!

Hi peeps.  Just got back to our area after a lovely Christmas party with the entire mission. The calling situation sounds great.  I am soooooo excited to talk to you.  I got a lovely package from you today and a little one from the Allens and Sheron Bradshaw and letters and dearelders from quite a few people the last week or so. Gotta love mail! I am enjoying the 12 days of Christmas. You are the bestest. Glad your hives are better. Hna Mcentire is still having issues with her stomach and today we think she has got some hives going, probably stress related as her comp is going home. She´s had a rough go of it with the dead bird, stomach pains, and rashes & hives. She will be in a trio. But it will be a fun zone.  No changes for me this time.  
Hermana Ball at the Santo Domingo Temple
Lucy's baptism
Here are some pics Hna Ball sent last week since my camera battery was dead. Crazy that I have been here for 18 weeks. We are still without power at our house but the elders have called the company a bazillion times and the elders are going to come out this week to try and figure it out. But we are doing fine and the longer we go without power, the better the story will be when I'm telling people about it after the mission. :) Don´t worry. We have an extension cord so we have light at night from our neighbor´s house and we might move the fridge to hook it up there since who knows when it will get fixed.  I got a package last week, which was great. I can´t wait ‘til our first FHE when we are all home, together again. Good times. Hna Mcentire came for the morning to work with us while Hna Bradley went to a meeting for those going home. It was fun to spend time with her and I thought there was a small chance we would be in a trio with her this transfer since there aren´t any new sisters coming, but she will be in a trio with some other cool sisters. There aren´t as many changes with the hermanas as we were expecting. We had a great time at the Christmas party. They had a talent show including one elder playing "Hallelujah" on his guitar and singing. I can´t wait to play that on my uke in a year. They acted out a little nativity and my comp played Mary and I have been teasing her about her Broadway debut for a while. We ate lots of good food and they had a DVD about the mission with pictures and songs. I got to see the McDermids too which was fun.  They asked about Lexxy and said they got your letter.  That was nice of you to send Christmas cards to all of my favorite peeps. We said goodbye to Hna Bradley which was sad.  I am going to miss that girl. She was one of my favorite sisters and it was fun being in her zone the whole time I have been here and being her companion for a day. She said she would post pictures on her blog of us so you can check for that.  Next year that will be me.  I know I will be soooooooo excited to give you the biggest hug ever, but I can already tell I will be a little sad to know that this time will be up.  The DVD presentation they did today with pictures of the Savior and pictures of missionaries and baptisms really reminded me why I am here.  This really is a sacred time to serve the Lord.  I just needed to remember that and buckle down for the next year and be the best missionary I can. We have a great family we are teaching and that came to church this week. Hopefully we will make some progress with them. They are interested and are supposed to come to the ward Christmas dinner tomorrow night with us.  Food of the week...plantains.  I cooked them on Saturday and Sunday with eggs and ketchup and avocados. Yep with ketchup.  Mmmmm. Gotta eat like a Dominican. I just boiled them and I will try frying them sometime too. They are like potatoes so ketchup goes well. Mmmm. You´ll have to see if you can buy them at Food City, which will be my favorite store to shop at when I get home.  :)   There was a boatload of packages that came in the office today.  I haven’t opened the package yet since we were hurrying to get to the internet.  I have the best family ever and the best Ward family too with all of the Christmas mail. I love you a million.  I am looking forward to the best 40 minutes ever on Sunday.  Can´t wait to hear your voices, my favorite peeps.  Love you lots. ejc

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