December 5, 2011

Greetings peeps with some big news!

We are headed off to Jinotepe after this because we are going to Managua tomorrow to have some training because I WILL BE TRAINING NEXT CHANGE. So it is a meeting with the people who are training now and will be next week.  My old comp goes home next week, but the one now doesn´t so I will only be with her this one change. I am not sure if I will stay here in Rivas or will be opening an area to train, but we will see. Anyway, it is cool to start someone off and have a little more control of what goes on, but then comes the responsibility, so whatever. It will be fun. So not sure about where I will be for Christmas and the instructions I have are that it is a 30-40 minute call and I can call from a phone place or give you the number of a member and you can call. I think that will be easier especially if I am here and know lots of members. So basically we just need to choose a time and then I will just work around being at the right place at the right time. Anyway, as far as mail I got a bunch of letters last week from Kelsey, Grandma Olive, Chessy, mom, a sister I was with in the MTC, and Lenny, and DearElders from Gehrings, mom, dad and Joyce. So, hopefully I will see some of your packages this week, but I know it will all get here. Also hopefully we will get the conference Ensign soon. The branch here got them yesterday but the other branch had a bunch mixed up with English ones. So last night at dinner I read Elder Holland’s talk since they got an English one and it was fantastic. These couples need to get on missions. Tell that to the 30th ward peeps por favor.  And for a funny thing. The adult diapers here are called plenitud which means fullness which I think just is wrong for a diaper but I think they were going after the fullness of life. I thought dad might appreciate that.:)  So we have had a good week. We still have trouble getting people to church but we´ll keep trying. We had 2 people there but we shall see. I got to see the Christmas devotional last night. I watched in Spanish, but it was real fantastic and I loved the English music. We could only go if we had an investigator so we searched for some people and I called one of the investigators who comes to stuff to invite him. He said he would and when we got there he was there so that was mighty fine since I really wanted to go. We met a member this week from Houston. Actually she is from here but has lived there for like 25 years and was visiting for Christmas. She called us out from the street when we were walking with the elders and invited us to a party she was doing for the kids of the neighborhood. We said we couldn´t come until later. We showed up and it was over but she gave us some cake and drinks and we talked to her with her husband. They want so bad to be citizens of the USA but have a hard time with the English part of the test. Well, I am enjoying the lights going up and trees. I think when I have my own house I will put up blue lights and Lenny can put up red ones. So, today I learned the word for patent leather – charol (that’s for Elena) and I enjoyed these little pastries for breakfast which remind me of eating pie crust, so that was good. Anyway, the work is going along here. We are working with a few families and need to find some new ones too that will progress faster. We need to work more with the members because that is key and makes it easier. Yesterday one of our recent converts came that didn´t come last month so that was good. I am enjoying myself here and I really want you to come some day and see my life here. Sometimes I think back to when I first came and how now there are so many things that don´t faze me at all - like filling up buckets in the shower just in case there is no water, or dogs and horses in the street. Now it is just part of life and I can’t believe sometimes I am actually living this little life in Nicaragua. But I know I am where I need to be. I love you so much and can´t wait until I talk to you so soon and then the next Christmas party fest. And just so you know we have a Christmas activity on either the 20 or 21 with other zones so that should be fun. I know they will try to make it as special as they can. They just turned on Christmas music here in the internet place. But this Christmas will be great and real different but like Pres. Uchtdorf said that not everything has to be perfect to have a great Christmas. Elena, that was a crazy story about the birds and climbing out the window. Also if you could tell Marni to start learning how to make pupusas I would appreciate it. And maybe she can take you to the El Salvador restaurant she went to. Mom if you could make gallo pinto I would love it. Well, I love you all tons and am off until next week. Have a fantastic week! The gospel is true. Las familias son eternas. I love you.  Love, alc

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