December 12, 2011

Greetings peeps!

Here are some photos of my companion and district. So, I had my trainer meeting on Tuesday and there are 6 or 7 trainers of sisters and another 5 or so elders. I have heard that only one of the newbie hermanas is latina. I know that latina, since she is from the other branch here in Rivas. I still don´t know if I will be here or in a new spot to train. I should find out later today. The president said something like ´you should grow Rivas´ as I left the meeting but who knows?  So, I still am not sure about how the Christmas call will work because I don´t know if I will be here or somewhere new. If I am here, a member who has a regular home phone said you could call me there, so that I think would be the easiest. But if I am somewhere new I don´t know if I will have found a member to dothe same. So I would need to call you. It will all work out. I love you and can´t wait to talk to you. Then the next call in May will be the halfway point between now and when I come home. So, we went to San Jorge today since my comp and one of the elders hadn't been there. He said we went to Saint George.  Anyway, it's where you take the boats to the island across the lake.  But we just took some pictures since we can't go to the lake. Then we went to the Nicaragua version of KFC and had some fried chicken.  It was good and we had ice cream too. Anyway, we had a good week. The elders had 3 baptisms in their branch on Saturday so that was exciting even though it wasn´t our baptisms. I played the piano at the baptism. They baptized a family and a man to complete a family. His wife has been a member for about a year. Also, after the baptism we needed to unplug the font but someone had shut the door from the hallway that is closest to the drain and it was locked so we tried to reach with a broom from the women´s bathroom side but it didn´t work. My comp said let me try and I mentioned to her that the second step had water on it but she didn´t hear me and stepped down and got her foot soaked. Anyway, she ended up putting a couple chairs in the water and crossed to the other side to open the door and then I got elected to reach down in the water to unplug the drain since I have the longest arms. Anyway, it was pretty funny but we got it out and I said that that would probably be the only time I would actually be in a font on my mission. We sang Away in a Manger for the musical number at the baptism with the elders and I will always think of Grandpa Mullen. We had 3 investigators in church yesterday - 2 of which we didn´t know before hand so that was a good surprise. We brought a lady and her son. It took some convincing by my companion but her little boy wanted to go so they came. Hopefully we will get to visit with her husband sometime soon. We actually contacted him first but he wasn´t home when we went to the appointment. But hopefully we can get them both to church soon. As for mail this week, we didn´t get any, but I should have some on Wednesday.

Anyway, I am doing great and just want to know if I am going or staying, so hopefully we will find out soon. I know the gospel is true and I love you 3 sooooooooooooooooooooo much. You are the bestest and I am excited to start my 12 days of Christmas stuff this week. I liked seeing in Lenny’s pics how a lot of stuff is the same - tables, Christmas tree, chapels....etc. So, a couple funny things... I learned the word for hot glue gun yesterday when the daughter at dinner got hers out - pistola silacon (I think) and I thought Velvalee would be proud. :) Anyway, the daughter at dinner is studying tourism and picked the Grand Canyon to do her project that had to be a natural touristic place so if I stay here maybe you could send me a picture when I was actually there. Also I read about Santo Domingo in the green Spanish book. Sounds like a cool place Lenny. And funny thing yesterday... A drunk man that we contacted asked me if I was single and my comp told him that I was married and he said if I wasn´t married I could marry him so I could get my residency here. He was 60 but first said he was 28 and then changed to 28 times 2 and then he said 60. Anyway, I was laughing pretty hard. Some other guy yesterday passed by and asked if my comp was single. I think that stuff is semi-entertaining. Anyway, I am excited for my mail whenever it comes. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I can´t wait to hear from Lenny next week. And who knows where I will be? I am doing great and I love you tons. Thanks for being the best parents ever. We will firm up the call plans next week when I am more sure of it all.  I hope you had a great week. Thanks for all the updates and give Irene my best.  I love you sooooo much.

Love, Alexis   

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