January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi peeps. We had a fun p-day. We played basketball and a Dominican game like baseball in the morning with the zone except the other Hermanas weren’t there because they had to go to a doctor to get Hermana Mcentire’s rash looked at. Then we went to the store and ate lunch and shopped.  Happy New Year. I sent out a bunch of mail this week and got some good letters too. DearElders from Uncle John and Brittany D. and some letters from Lexxy, Grandma Harvey, and Mom. Thanks peeps! We had a good New Years. We only had one hour of church yesterday which was fun. We had a couple of investigators there. We came in a little early on Saturday before the real partying started in the streets... lots of loud music, but again I slept like a rock. I had a half liter of grape soda to celebrate before going to bed and some treats. My new snack of the week is hamburger flavored Cheetos...something Chessy would definitely like. :)  They are little round disc shaped Cheetos, some are white and some are a darker color for the meat. They are all covered in the Cheeto powder that tastes like hamburgers. Mmmm. I can’t believe I will be home in a year for sure. It is crazy we were on our trip a year ago and I was thinking we were in New Orleans with the marching band 7 years ago. Craziness. I have been thinking of goals for the new year and that in a year from now I will have taken my tag off for the last time. Weird. I was thinking of next New Years and how we will say that it seems like yesterday that it was the New Year 2012. It is nice knowing a year from now I will be home for sure. So we had a pretty good week, just some days we walked forever trying to find people home but that kind of stuff doesn’t get me down.  My companion screamed during a lesson when a cockroach flew on her which I thought was quite funny. Then yesterday was the story of the week. We decided to try and visit a less active family that we have trouble finding at home but I thought New Year’s Day might be a good day. They live on the other side of our area and as soon as we left the house it started pouring but we just kept going and it was raining hard. We had to walk through ankle deep water in some parts where the streets were flooding. Then when we were close to their house there was no way to avoid a bunch of water. A car drove through it and practically made a wave and my comp was excited to go through it since we were already soaked. So she started in to the water and then totally fell. I thought she slipped off the edge of the side walk but it was actually an uncovered sewer hole. Then she tried to get up and stepped into another one and totally face planted into the water. It was soooo funny. She said she looked up at me and just saw me grinning. I would have felt bad if she had really hurt herself.  She has a nice bruise on her hip and is a little sore, but it could have been worse. I helped her up and we both just about died laughing. She was a good sport about falling in the nasty water. I kept replaying the whole scene in my head during the day and we kept on laughing. Good times...no the family wasn’t home and I told my comp that we could go home and change but the rain was off and on all day so we kept on working and went home a little early. It made for a memorable day. :) We were pretty wet and our bags and scriptures too.  Everything is drying out...but just proof of all the rain. Anyways, I thought you would enjoy that. Thanks for all of the mail and support and love.  Here's a  photo from New Year’s Eve. Also a picture from today with the candy I won during a game. We all had to bring 2 candy bars and then played a game and I won a bunch. :) That’s my grape soda or like one member likes to call it, grape juice. yummm. I love you all soooooooooo much. -ejc
New Year's Eve grape soda

candy bar winnings
Hermanas at Botanical Gardens

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