January 2, 2012

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Here are a few photos. We didn’t have an activity today but we write with the elders so we waited for them until now. So we are doing good here in Rivas. Not much success with people at church but life goes on. But we are doing good. Happy New Year. You can start saying I will be home this year. Today we went to Maxi Pali which is the Walmart owned store here so that was cool. Anyway, we are looking for families of Rivas to teach and will eventually find them so we just keep going. I wrote letters last week and more this week but the post office was closed today and last Monday for the holiday so sorry, but I will eventually send them. I got lots of sweet mail this week, several cards from you, Lenny, the 30th ward missionaries, Greens, Pothiers, T & D Allen, Kimballs, and Linda C.  I think I will buy a new backpack and shoes soon, but didn`t look too hard today.  I took my suit and jeans to get altered today. The lady wasn´t there but I will stop by again. She has done stuff for the missionaries before.  The suit and jeans are super big and I want to wear the suit to a conference we will have with Elder Russell M. Nelson in a couple weeks. So New Years was uneventful. I ate a Hersheys cookies and cream bar that was sent to me. I did wake up to all the fireworks but slept real good as usual. Also, the lady that I gave the little tree to got a plastic bag and has it all tied up with the bell so it doesn’t get dirty. The lady the picture is of says she wants you to come. I told her that Mom is taking a Spanish class and she said that’s good so she can talk to me.  Lenny’s letters were super funny and so many things she says are things I have thought of or done...like wearing my plaid pj shorts with tie-dye. Anyway, super funny. Also we got our manuals and the Relief Society book in Spanish yesterday and I finally got a conference Liahona in English. Thanks for the pictures you sent. I am glad you sent one of Grandma Laurel and Grandpa Mullen because I didn´t have one with them.  It is nice and toasty hot here and my comp isn`t used to that but we keep going. I am excited for this conference with Elder Nelson. It will be with the north and south missions on I think the 18th or 19th. I just have about 5 minutes left, then off to the alteration lady, dinner and to work. Happy 2012. I can’t believe it.  I am happy and healthy and know I am where I need to be. The gospel is true and las familias son eternas.  Love you tons, alc

Christmas Activity
lady who cooks our dinner
& her nephew

Thanks for all the mail! 


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