January 23, 2012

more from the little DR missionary

I hope things are good where you are. We have had a good p-day. We came to the office and had a BBQ with a couple of zones. I had a hamburger and a hot dog. mmmmm. It was fun since most of the Hermanas were here. One hermana hurt her back and had to go to the doctor so hopefully she´ll be okay. We are doing well. We played a little volleyball and then some card games and it was fun. Crazy that this is the last week of this transfer and then who knows what. I am glad to hear Kelsey´s sealing went well. I got both packages you sent, one today and one last week. Also one from the Greens. I haven´t opened today’s since it is easier on the bus with it still packaged up. Thanks for the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It turns out that the Eickbushes know Chelsea´s family. They lived in Alaska for a while and know her parents and also her grandparent´s in Utah. Small world!  We´ve had a good week. I had a lovely time in Villa Carmen with Hermana Domgaard. It was good for the both of us. They didn´t have a lot of appointments that day so we ended up doing a lot of contacting, but it was fun nonetheless. They try and only speak in Spanish when they are in the street which made it a little challenging to try and joke around and get to know each other, but we had fun. She made me lunch and also bought me my first chimi which was basically a Dominican style hamburger. We had fun. Since then, my companion and I have been having way too much fun. We laugh hysterically a lot of the time, so things are good. I slept on Hermana Mcentire´s bed and she slept in my bed during intercambios, and she is still battling her rash. I woke up on Friday morning with a bunch of red spots on my arm that looked a little like her rash. It was pretty funny, but by the end of the day they went away. They were just mosquito bites which was weird that I got so many on my arm since I hardly ever do, but it was funny that we thought the rash was spreading. Poor Hermana Mcentire. We heard that there are 4 hermanas coming which means a lot of training, so it will be interesting to see what happens next week. We have a baptism planned for February with a lady I´ve been teaching since the end of my first transfer but she has trouble getting to church. Anyways, we will see. We visited the ones we visited with the stake president, and they are coming around. I forgot to tell you that when we were there, he said the closing prayer. He thanked Heavenly Father for sending His missionaries. People are always thanking for the missionaries, but it really hit me as he prayed that we are really the Lord´s missionaries, something to always remember and live up to. We always have to be thinking that people are watching. The lady that we found last week by the church, that was having lots of problems, is doing much better and told us yesterday that she knew that we came by the church then because she needed us. She came to church yesterday. Anyways, life is good. We have interviews tomorrow with the president, so we get to come to the office again. You mentioned that you were hoping for rain tomorrow. We got a boatload of rain yesterday. We were sitting in this tin roof shack while it was raining and we could barely hear each other. We got wet yesterday. While we were sitting in their house, the little boy kept handing my companion pieces of corn flakes that she ate. After, she said they were soggy since the little kid had either touched them or put them in his mouth. Gross!  Also I left a dead cockroach in the spare room and my companion found it this morning. Funny! I told her I could have done something worse than just left it.  :)  I hope you have a fantastico week. Thanks for all of the goods and good luck with the Spanish class.  Have some fun with Theresa.  :) You are the bestest ever. Crazy that it is the end of another month. :) I love you sooooooooooo much. Love, ejc

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