January 30, 2012

Mendoza Transfer 5

So, I am here in Mendoza. I thought this would be my last couple of days here, but not so, which is fine. We got the call about transfers last night and they told us we were staying the same, which we were actually quite ok with. They are splitting our area and bringing another set of hermanas which will be fun. I called the other hermanas in our zone about the news and they hadn´t heard. We´ve had a good week and we were totally fine staying together, but not so. About 20 minutes later we got a call from the assistants saying that Hermana Ball is leaving and that I am staying and that Hermana Domgaard is coming here. It will be fun. She is from Utah. She´s 6´2”. She came a transfer after me and we both tend to be quiet during the lessons, so it will be good for us. Apparently there were some last minute changes with how many hermanas were coming, so they were changing us all around yesterday. We will be in a trio here for a week until the other hermana arrives and then the other 2 will go to their apartment that is pretty close by. Hermana Mcentire is training in a new area this transfer, so that´s exciting except that she won´t be in our zone. She and her comps came over today and we made brownies (well, they made brownies :)) and then we went down to Lucy’s salon downstairs (our baptism). We got our eyebrows done and nails painted. Twas fun. By the way, I didn´t feel the latest earthquake and I have a good stash of food and stuff so don’t worry. I like the ward here and we have 2 baptisms scheduled for February which will be nice to be here for. Change is always just a little stressful, but it will be good. At least I spent the exchange a couple of weeks ago with my new companion. I am not really excited to have to show someone the area again since this is the 3rd time I´ve had to do that and hear everyone say, “Where´s the other hermana?”, but it will be fine and I imagine I will be changed in March. I will be half way through the mission when I leave this area. Speaking of which I asked president about my departure at interviews this week and he said that it says my release date is January 1st but that I could decide to go earlier if I want to. Hermana Mcentire stayed at the president’s house most of last week because of her back and she said he seemed really okay with us going the three weeks before our 18 month mark if we want. I figure that since Alexis is staying the extra couple of weeks and if I come home early then we average the 18 months. Actually I am fine either way. Also in Joyce´s letter she said that Brooklyn´s baptism is Dec. 22 and she said she hoped I could make it. So we´ll see. My companion and I gave talks yesterday in church which went okay. It was on repentance and it went okay except I kept stumbling over the word for repenting ...arrepentiendo. We had a good time at interviews this week. Mine was still short but good and we got a ride home from the office elders since they were bringing stuff to the new apartment in our area. It turns out one of them is from Gilbert, so that was fun. I didn´t get any letters out last week, but I will this week. I saw a paper this week with a picture of Obama and saw that it was the State of the Union. Sweet...gotta love politics. Thanks for keeping me updated. We had a pretty good turn out yesterday at church. I always tell Hermana Mcentire that you ask about her. I can´t wait for you to meet my mission buddies. Well my time is up, but I love you peeps a million. It will be Mother´s Day before you know it. Week 25 in Mendoza here I come. Love you, ejc

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