January 9, 2012

Greetings peeps!

Wow!  It’s been a year since the Tucson shootings. That seems like yesterday anyway.  So, greetings from Rivas. I heard about the earthquake at my dinner appointment. They told me about it. You can probably find a story about a ferry in San Jorge, Nicaragua almost tipping over because we have had a pretty windy week. The San Jorge ferry goes from Rivas to the Island Ometepe.  There used to be missionaries on the island and there used to be a unit of the church there- not a branch, but I don’t know what you would call it.  My dinner lady said we can go to the island with her when we come back to visit. Anyway, that was funny about Lenny going back to sleep after the earthquake. About 3 months ago when we were going to Managua early in the morning, my comp woke me up at midnight. I was sleepy, without glasses and knew we had to get up early to go to Managua.  She woke me up saying, “Hermana Cottam, Hermana Cottam, there’s a bicho (unusual creature) on the floor”. Apparently it was a bat, but I didn’t know what she was talking about. So I looked up and went back to sleep. She apparently killed it and we slept with the lights on the rest of the night. I found it quite hilarious afterward that I just went back to sleep, but I don’t think she was so amused. She told the landlady and they closed some openings on the side of the roof so we haven’t seen any since. So, don’t worry about bats here, not a problem.  Elena and I are such good sleepers now - we have come a long way.  I finally got to the post office today and mailed 22 letters and a package of letters back to you. The package has 3 plastic Nicaraguan flags and a real fabric one. My lunch lady gave me that and so if you could put it over my bed that would be cool and take a picture so I could show it to her. As for mail this week - I got several letters and DearElders including one from Uncle John and a letter from Grandma Harvey with her conversion story which is cool to have. We may have a miracle baptism this week. So we had a couple of days this week where we walked and walked and walked and nobody was home. We started teaching a man and he has been 2 times to church and his 3rd yesterday. So he can be baptized. Anyway, his family decided this week they want him to get baptized. The elders are coming with us tonight to do his interview so hopefully we will have a family baptized this week. Crazy how miracles happen!  We are also teaching a widow of 3 years and on Saturday we taught her the plan of salvation and she was crying at the end. She didn’t come to church since her 5 year old was sick but she should come this week. On Sunday morning when we went by he was saying ´quiero ir, quiero ir´or” I want to go, I want to go”...so hopefully they’ll be there next week. The week turned out better than I thought and we have a possibility for baptism this week that we weren’t anticipating. So that is always good. Our district leader said that that’s what happens when you keep working - eventually you are blessed.  Oh, yesterday the mission president came to Rivas.  He went to the other branch earlier in the morning, so I only saw him but didn’t talk to him. His wife gave us some candy and we saved it until after we broke our fast. Only 8 more fast Sundays to go. Crazy!  The time will go by super fast. I probably won’t get mail until next Wednesday when we have the conference with Elder Nelson.  I went to the tailor lady today to get my suit and jeans shrunk. J She said, “These fit you when you came?”  Then I showed her a picture from the MTC and they didn’t think it was me.  She will have all my clothes done by Wednesday so that is good. Also for the ward newsletter I would like you to tell all the couples in the ward to read Elder Holland’s talk in conference and get themselves on missions. We missionaries need these couples.  Well, I better hit the road. Take a look at 1 Corinthians 2:9... I liked it. Love you lots and lots... Until next week when you can wish me happy 10 months. Anyway, the gospel is true. I love you soooooooooooo much. Love, alc       

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