January 16, 2012

Fotos y bautismo... more from Nicaragua

So greetings my favorite family. Well, I heard about the cruise ship. That is crazy. A lady had the newspaper out yesterday.  My watch died this week but luckily a watchmaker man lives around the corner and fixed it for 30 cordobas or less than $1.50. Sweet!  And last week I forgot to tell you that our lunch and laundry lady made me another laundry bag. It is green with a red tie and she calls it my Santa Claus bag. Funny!  On Saturday the power went out as we were walking home. We ate dinner late and were on our way home. It was dark but luckily I had my handy dandy flashlight and we walked home real fast. I called our dinner lady to tell her that we got home safe since I knew she was worrying.  On Sunday she told us she was wondering about us, so good thing I called.  
We had a baptism on Saturday. There was the wedding beforehand and then the baptism. So that was real good. We didn´t get any investigators to church and the man who needed to be confirmed was late, but it got taken care of. So we are happy campers. Also, random note - I believe next week is week 46 of my mission. Cool. Can you believe it?  My companion is cool, but doesn´t like the heat. I have been trying to improve our planning so we have several backup plans since we have had issues with appointments falling through. The heat is the life of a Nicaraguan missionary.  
Well, on Wednesday we have our usual noche de hermanamiento or fellowshipping night. We do it with both branches here and the branch president of the other branch asked me to give the message about 2 minutes before it started. He wanted it about examples of love from the Book of Mormon. Then I was the only piano player there, so I played the piano, gave my little message, and then played the piano. Gotta love the Hermana Cottam show. J  No, it was good and I think the talk turned out ok.  Also, something I was thinking about as we walked home one night with a pretty full moon. It was big and beautiful but I was thinking about how the celestial kingdom will be like the sun, the terestrial the moon, and the telestial the stars. Even though the moon was really big it doesn´t give much light. How great and beautiful the celestial kingdom will be with the glory so bright like the sun. I did mail letters to you, Lenny, and Grandpa today.  The gospel is true and I am so happy to be in this family.  Love, alc
at the wedding

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Lori said...

I want a lunch and laundry lady! Yes, the gospel is true...thanks for sharing it so well.