January 16, 2012

More from the DR missionary!

So I am here now. We have had a good p-day...pretty relaxing. We printed our emails and then met the other hermanas at a small mall that isn't too far. We ate pizza and frozen yogurt...it's called Yogen Fruz. They should get them in the states. Then we did our grocery shopping and came home and now I am here. I will have some time to write a couple of letters and such when we are done here. We've had a good week. Thanks for all of the news updates. Any election news? I liked what Alexis said about putting in the ward newsletter about senior couples and Elder Holland's talk. The office couple here is seriously like having a set of grandparents looking after us. They are the best and I called to ask them to bring us some stuff with the mail this week. Elder Eickbush said that they love us a lot and they are sooo nice. Things are good here. We had a good week with a few investigators at church. Another person that was really interested and we actually set a baptismal date with, we think lives in another ward, but we are still trying to figure that out. Anyways, the work is moving along. We are going to do exchanges with the other hermanas this week, so I am going on Wednesday to work with Hermana Domgaard. She is 6’2” and got here a transfer after me. Anyways, that will be fun for a change and to be in a different area for a day. She has a dry sense of humor too, so it will be fun. I always tell Hermana Mcentire that you ask about her. They still haven't figured out the rash and this week they took pictures to send to the states to see if someone has any ideas. I can't wait for you guys to meet each other. I got Kelsey's wedding invitation this week and give the happy couple my best on Friday. We will definitely have to do lunch and temple outings when I get home. I celebrated my 7 month mark yesterday with a Fanta orange and chocolate from Sheron Bradshaw. Things are good and we don't have any bats at our house like Lexxy did. That was funny. I saw a dead rat this week, so I wrote a letter the Burgeners to tell them. I got lots of DearElders this week and your long letter and more labels and paper. Gracias! It is sooooo nice knowing I always have mail coming. We went to a member’s house this week and she had mom's old crockpot and that same big orange bowl you use for making pies...funny. We went and watched the Joseph Smith movie at a less active’s this week with the stake president and his wife, so that was fun. Another day this week, I knew the Lord was leading us to where we needed to be... that's sometimes what happens when our plans fall through. We visited someone who needed a blessing and called one of the bishopric. Then we went looking for a referral and didn't have success there but started contacting further down the street and ended up running into the right house after all. Then we went to the church to go to the bathroom and found a lady that was sitting on the side of the road by the church who was having lots of problems in her life. I could tell it was serious so luckily the stake president was at the church and he talked to her and she is doing much better now. Anyways, we were where we needed to be.
Love you sooooooooooooo much... ejc     Happy 10 months to Lexxy!

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