November 28, 2011

More from ALC!

So I am here now. I am glad that you had a good Thanksgiving Lenny. Here it was pretty much the same as a regular day. People are putting up their trees and lights here so it is looking more like Christmas. Thanksgiving isn´t anything here so it was more like it just didn´t happen, but Christmas is a big party here...more on the 24th and the 31st than anything with fire crackers and stuff. I am pretty sure we will go in early on those days but we haven´t got the instructions yet. Well, I am glad you had a great trip and didn´t freeze too much. Glad you are doing well. I got sweet mail on Friday. I got your package with the soap and flashlight on Friday. Muchas gracias and I got the package with candy from Jayne which I was suprised got here so fast. I got DearElders from Annika, you, and the Gehrings. Annika was funny and said she was going to make a chain of the days I had left. Crazy girl. Well, on Friday we had pizza at the zone meeting and from what I understood the President helped buy it for our Thanksgiving treat. So that was good. Well, we were unsuccessful with people at church yesterday but hopefully we can get some this week and maybe find some new people. The meeting went well with Elder Amado and so did the musical number. We did I Need Thee Every Hour. I liked some things he said about how we should look and work with the people who are ready now because there are some and that everyone has their time to accept so work with the ones who will accept now. I also liked his examples of the missionaries in the Book of Mormon - Abinadi and Ammon and that Abinadi only reactivated one soul and Ammon baptized thousands but they were both successful. Anyway, it was good and we got Burger King for lunch afterwards too. We are trying to have some success in one way or another. But we just keep working and eventually it will come. We’re trying to find some new people to teach. The branch gave us yesterday the list of the children older than 9 that haven´t been baptized so maybe we can reactivate a few families and get these kids baptized. The gospel is true. I won´t be sure about the Christmas call until the very last Monday before, because we have changes the 14th so I don´t know if I will be here or somewhere new. Anyway, we can work it out later. Well, we went with the elders on Saturday to visit one of their converts and nonmember husband and sang some songs to them. We sang Away in a Manger last and I thought of you Mom and Grandpa Mullen. Even though I didn´t hear him sing it, I will always think of him. Also fun fact for you Lenny - Sleigh Ride in spanish is paseo en trineo. So look forward to that song next year as we blast it for you. Also they are selling tictacs in the grocery store here so that was a good treat with good memories of having them in church. This week I got to talk to some people in English since we were waiting for a member by the highway where the buses passed and they were asking where the bus to san juan del sur passes. I wasn´t sure but I asked and it was weird talking in English. The lady was from the Phillipines and the husband was from Ohio. Also a man from England asked where the bus to Costa Rica stopped. I wished I would have asked him more about where he was from, but oh well. I also get excited to see shirts from things I know. There are some high school ones and I would be so excited to see a Mt. View one. But I will let you know when that happens. Also, just so you know I am well taken care of here and the lady at dinner calls me her chela and I like that. She is really good to us and so is the lady at lunch. The people are great here. Today we went to the RS president’s house and she gave us each 3 corn on the cob. It was a lot but tasty. Anyway, I haven´t had much time to write letters today and I don´t know if I will get to write many, but I will try. I did send some last week. So, I am doing well. This week we got to ride in a horse drawn carriage when we went out to the boon docks with the elders so that was fun. I had seen these carriages before but never had ridden in one. So that was a first for the week. I can´t believe it is almost December. I will be happy to talk to you on Christmas!  I am doing great and it will be a Christmas to remember. Well, I love you TONS and know I am where I need to be. You are the bestest! The gospel is true. Love, alc

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