November 28, 2011

Photos and more from the DR

So I am on the computer now. We are at the mall which is fun because it is all decked out for Christmas with music and all. We saw a couple of the other hermanas here too. We had a little activity with the zone at our chapel today. We played a version of baseball but instead of a ball you use something like a bottle cap. It was fun except the other hermanas weren´t there as they had to take care of something at the office. We had 8 investigators at church yesterday which was great, but we´ll have to see who can really progress, but it was nice to have people show up. We´ve had a good week here. Christmas is in less than 4 weeks! Yippee. We had a good Thanksgiving. Well, it was actually pretty much like any other Thursday, but we did fix some of the stuff you sent and listened to Christmas music. I bought some cranberry sauce too and we sang Thanksgiving songs in the morning. I was thinking of my favorite West Wing episode too. We had our zone meeting on Thursday like always and the mail hadn´t showed up yet, but we called and they were coming so we waited which was nice. I got my 12 days of Christmas package and thanksgiving card and pictures from Kelsey B. and a couple other letters. I loved Annika´s letter.  She signed it, love your sister, Annika. The Greens are so great!  It was grand!  I love mail. I am glad to hear you had a fun trip and I look forward to your letters about it. This week I have quite a few random stories to tell you. I saw a guy with a ASU t-shirt on the other day and I said that that was my university. I had seen it before but hadn´t said anything to him. One of our investigators pulled out 2 white hairs from my head the other day. I thought maybe they were just old highlights but they were pretty much white, which was funny. I guess I have mom´s hair. I ate a couple of the candies Jayne sent, in honor of your trip. I had a little crunchie on Friday for your return. So the lady that we sometimes visit has given us snacks to take home before. On Saturday she gave us each a little pack of saltine crackers and then got out a Malta Morena. It is a drink here that is pretty nasty. It is dark brown and tastes like molasses and malt or something. She opened the bottle and I said we could just take it with us, but she poured it in 2 glasses for us, so we had to drink it. I think it is the smell that is the worst. As I was drinking, I was thinking it smelled like cat food. Then my comp thought I was gagging on it and she started laughing and then I started laughing and the lady was laughing at who knows what since she is really hard to understand, but we managed to down the drink without spitting it all over, but it was quite funny. Anyways things are good here with Hna Ball. She is very nice to me and sometimes does my dishes and this week she shined my shoes while I was in the shower. I have been thoroughly enjoying reading the conference Ensign. I read the talks Dad had mentioned from the priesthood session which were great. In my homecoming talk, I am definitely going to talk about how much I love senior couples. :)  There are so many great couples in 30th ward who I would love to have as a senior couple. I can picture you two as an office couple. It would be grand. My favorite scriptures of the week: Mosiah 2:41 and D&C 90:24.
So I think we have the temple next week so if I don´t email next week just know I will on Wednesday. We visited a new, less active member this week and I felt like sharing the scripture from D&C and as we were talking she said that our message was just what she needed which was cool. It is always nice to know that we are being led by the Spirit. I love you all soooooooo much. It is almost December. Crazy. I can´t believe Lexxy is almost half done. Love you lots, ejc

...So here are some photos. There are some from the activity today. Also a few from Thanksgiving. I did organize my desk today so it looks better than it did on Thursday. Also one from my avocado phase. The other is the Christmas tree we helped decorate. But the freakiest picture is the one with the girl that comes to our English class. So I got the pictures you sent from Lexxy and I actually thought one was me for a second. Then we realized that the girl that Lexxy was with looks like this girl. Maybe her long lost twin. :) Anyway, I asked her if I could take a picture with her on Saturday. Twin stuff is so funny.

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