November 21, 2011

More from the DR land!

So I am on the computer now. We had some difficulty finding a place that had power and wasn´t super slow, but we found one. We met up with a couple of other sisters for a little while today and then had lunch and did a little shopping. I am doing good. I made a pre-Thanksgiving meal yesterday with mashed potatoes and stuffing and I will make that with the turkey meal you sent for Thursday too. Hermana Ball is doing good and settling in to the new life here with bucket baths and all that jazz, but we are doing good. When people ask how my Spanish is coming, I tell them enough to get by. :) I decided with the training to not try to put on a show that I really know what I am doing, but just show her what I know and then we figure out the rest. She says she likes being able to try and talk during the lessons since we both need to and that I am not so set in my ways that we are able to adapt and work together. She says I am doing a good job. Things are good here. I got a lovely boatload of mail at zone conference on Thursday. I got a package from you and I got the package from Jayne so I will be enjoying some English candy. :)  I got lots of dearelders and letters... ones from Donna and Kelsey B. and Grandma Harvey. Gotta love mail. We had a good zone conference. 8 of the 12 hermanas were there which was fun. Hermana Hernandez also made pumpkin pie which was delicious.  It was a good time at the office. I thought about you a lot on Friday as well as Natalie and Matt. I had ice cream a few times this week with my 5 month mark, your anniversary, and of course just whenever. :) I had a Baby Ruth to celebrate Lexxy´s 8 month mark. I got the conference Ensign this week at zone conference too, so I am excited to have that and read the talks again and the ones I missed.  So it´s been a good week here. This week went by much faster than the last one. I think the time goes by slower when there are changes but now the time is going by fast again. Crazy that November is almost over. Soon I will have 6 months and Lexxy will be half done. :) We had a good day yesterday with investigators at church. We had 6. Some were kids of investigators but we were happy with that and we are getting a little more help from the ward too. We still have our baptism planned for the first full week of December. Hopefully our investigator will continue to progress. I think we will be going to the temple in 2 weeks, but I haven´t heard the exact date. I will try and tell you the week before since we will probably be going on a Wednesday. My comp is playing the piano for the stake choir for stake conference in a couple of weeks, so I am singing too, which is fun. We have practices on Sunday. We are having a big mission Christmas party the last p-day of this transfer, the 19th I think. The whole mission is supposed to be there at the office and it should be a good time. I have been enjoying reading your letters lots of times this week, and I had 2 weeks’ worth. So my new favorite food of the week is eggs. I kind of go in waves of what I like. This week I bought some eggs and have been cooking those most nights. I also bought some green salsa which has spiced up my food a little. Also some random things from a visit we were at. This lady we visit on Saturdays usually has a newspaper out which I enjoy looking over sometimes, especially during things like baseball and stuff. Well, on Saturday there was a big picture of one of the republican debates and an article. I couldn´t understand a lot of the words since my vocab isn´t focused on political stuff but I got a great kick out of the article and my comp thought it was funny that I was so interested in it. Anyways, good times. Also at the same appointment there was a little mouse running around especially around my comp's feet. Gotta love things like that in the DR. It was really a cute little mouse and I am just glad it wasn´t some giant rat. Well, I am doing good here and looking forward to our next grand family vacation. At least next Thanksgiving Alexis will be home for the auto show and who knows when I´ll be home... for sure January 1, but I am still hoping the mission president will decide to send us home the transfer early so we can be home for Christmas and get ready for school. I love you 3 soooooooooooo much. You are what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving...more than ever. I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a fantabulous trip! I can´t wait to hear all about it. Ejc

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