November 14, 2011

More from the DR

So I have survived my first week of training.  Really things have been good. It's challenging being the one responsible for making sure things are done the way they should be, but I am definitely talking a lot more. We are working on trying to figure out how to teach the lessons as I didn’t do a lot of major teaching before and my comp is fresh from the MTC.  I was real happy on Tuesday when I saw all of the other American elders from my group and they are training too. Some of them are in new areas too and one is a district leader. Craziness. Everyone we visit says that I talk a lot more and we did put our first baptism date for the beginning of December so we will see how that goes. Crazy that I will have 5 months tomorrow and Lexxy 8!!!!!!   I didn’t get any mail this week which was really weird but the DearElders must have arrived later and I will definitely get mail this week on Thursday when we are at the office for zone conference. We went to the temple the week after zone conference last time, but I’ve heard that we are going in December, so if I don’t email next week on Monday, don’t worry. I will try and give you a heads up but whatever. Give my best to the happy couple on Friday....Natalie and Matt :)  
I am doing good and my comp is good, tries to talk and stuff, and is really motivated. We had a great time at a zone activity today, played volleyball and it was fun talking to the other hermanas and missionaries. Then we went to Burger King with Chessy’s friend and my MTC comp Hermana Mcentire. Good times with the “king”. I thought of Mr. Vogl. We were supposed to go to the park with all of the missionaries in the city like we do every transfer but there is some sort of strike and protests so we didn’t go. Yesterday one of the presidential candidates set up some sort of rally at the corner outside our house and the house was literally rumbling because the music was so loud. Luckily we were just getting ready to leave for the afternoon and when we came back at night they were all gone but it was funny.  I think you would be pretty proud that I haven’t got really lost here. I think that is because I have had to teach the area to two comps. There are still lots of places I don’t know exactly how to get there or I am not sure exactly what street we are on, but I do pretty well considering my directional challenges.  :) I also managed to get us to the zone activity without getting lost. The other sisters gave us directions and luckily I had been there once before. I know the Spirit helps guide us and helps me remember where things are.  I am looking forward to all of the mail that is coming and I am sure I will have some this week.  The Eickbushes are the best!  They always comment about how much mail I get. Good times. I love you all soooooooo much.  Things are good here and I am looking forward to Christmas! Yipee. I hope we can coordinate our calls when it gets closer. I am sure it will all work out. Alexis, I am glad your interview went well and I hope you have a fabulous anniversary Mom & Dad!  25 years since the beginning of the bestest family ever and eternity to go!!!!! Man I love you peeps!!!!!!!!!! Also I am enjoying the Thanksgiving package and the popcorn is delicious.  Well my time is about up.  I hope you have a fabulous week and we will email again soon.  Until next week, your favorite DR missionary, ejc

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Lori said...

GREAT picture! I'm sure you are an awesome trainer! and love that you talk more :) funny. Keep it up! love the letters, especially the testimony of things YOU KNOW...