November 7, 2011

So greetings - week 13 in Rivas

I have about 45 minutes since we only have an hour on the computer now which includes our time to email the president so anyway. That’s crazy Lenny, but you will be fantastic and you will learn tons of Spanish quick. So my new comp is Sister Ayala from Honduras and she’s cool and we are going to baptize this week. We are happy. We have a new district leader too, but so far so good. I have had good district leaders so far and the zone leaders are cool too. The Latino has learned lots of English since he says the other comp only speaks English to him. Anyway, that should be fun. Just laugh lots with your new comp. You will be great and learn lots together. I think that is good. In our district it is just me, my comp and two elders, but in the zone there are 6 sisters and 12 elders. Anyway, a few things before I forget - the week of the 21st I may be emailing a different day since a general authority seventy is coming for three days 21-23 and we don’t know when will be our day for our meetings with him. There are changes the 14 of December so there is a chance I could be with someone else for Christmas but we will see. I have heard some new sisters are coming so maybe she or I will be training. My comp has 10 months in the mission and is 2 changes ahead of me I think. She is much more upbeat and talkative and the elders have said I am more perky too so that is good. I just have to be more courageous in talking and interrupting her since otherwise I won’t talk in lessons or contacts. It is a little more responsibility being the one who knows the people and where things are but it is good. We are excited the man came to church yesterday and that we will baptize this week. That is a good way to start off. So, 3 new sisters came this week - two from Guatemala and one from Nevada. Two of them are in the zone and I am happy there is another American with me at the zone meetings. It has brought back memories of when I was new and hopefully I can be of help to her. She has a good comp and seems to be doing good so far. Anyway, we were visiting someone the other night and ended up talking to this lady. As we left she gave me a super big hug which was cool. Yesterday we ran the primary the last hour of church. I didn´t really do much since I don´t know primary songs in Spanish except for “soy un hijo de Dios”. But it was good. And before I forget - HAPPY 11-11-11 on Friday. I will be celebrating. I am glad Socks is doing better.
I am in total agreement with Elena about how happy I am to be sealed to you 3! That is the bestest and really super awesome. So I will be home in less than 11 months. Craziness. The gospel is true and I love you tons. I just have a few minutes left. Then we are off to the Pali which is the Walmart owned place to stock up on a few things.  Here there is a Maxi Pali that is new that we will have to check out sometime. Anyway, my comp has a boyfriend that is supposed to write at 2 each Monday so I should be fairly regular with this time. He is on the mission in Honduras. Here are some pics. Some are from the p-day last week and then one is with the daughter of the lady where we eat dinner and then some are from the service we did on Saturday with the elders moving some dirt out of the hole for the outhouse bathroom at a member’s house in the other branch.
Anyway, enjoy and I should have some baptism ones next week. Well, I can´t wait to hear about Lenny’s first few days as a trainer. It will be fun!  Love, alc

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