November 21, 2011

Hola peeps!

So I am finally on now...super late. So last night the plan was that this morning we would head to Jinotepe and hang out with the zone for p-day, write here, etc. and then sleep here and go to Managua in the morning. Then this morning we got the call that there were some issues with the general authority’s travel plans and he wasn´t coming until next week. But they were going to have an activity here with another zone. Anyway we came but without our stuff for tomorrow since we thought it was off. Anyway, it is back on so we had to go back and get our stuff and come back. So, we just got back and I am here now. But the internet place is closing in 15 minutes. It was a good week. We are teaching some new people and had 5 people in church. Only one is some one that is progressing but whatever. We were happy. I got letters this week and maybe tomorrow in Managua I will have a package, we shall see. Anyway, I am glad to hear all is well in the DR. I am doing real well. Tomorrow I am accompanying two elders who are singing for the musical number. Hopefully, I won´t mess up too much. We are doing Nearer my God to Thee. It will be fine but it is a little more improvising than I prefer.  We are still waiting on the Liahona conference edition to get here. I will be happy when it comes. Well, I don´t know how much time I have left but I am glad all is well where you are at. Too bad I missed you. Happy Thanksgiving. It will be a different one this year but something to remember. Next year I will be partying with you.  We are excited for the meeting tomorrow. We are keeping busy and working with a new family or two and a hermano. This place is about to close but I will have more to tell you next week. It was a good day even though we spent a lot of time on the bus. We played a little futbol and practiced the music. You are the bestest 3 peeps on planet Earth. Thanks for all you do. Even though we are far away I still feel close. I love you and will have a great Thanksgiving Nicaraguan style.  And have a happy DR Thanksgiving Lenny. I did mail a few letters today. I hope the trip is fantastico. The gospel is true and I am where I need to be. Love you TONS. Love, alc

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