April 9, 2012

Week 5 in Linda Vista with big news!

Greetings my favorite people. I didn´t get your Easter package but I did get mail and a package. Most of it was DearElders and cards and the package from February. It was a Valentine’s Day one you sent but it had jelly beans in it so it was practically like Easter. So that was exciting and whenever I get the other stuff it will be grand. So the news of the week. they called on Saturday and said that I WILL BE TRAINING AGAIN, starting next week. I am assuming here in Linda Vista. I heard there is only one hermana coming and I guess I will be the entrenadora. It shall be good. I sort of thought I would be done training since there are quite a few who haven’t been trainers but the Lord knows what He is doing. That will be good. I have a training deal on Wednesday here in Managua. The good thing is that we know a little bit about changes ahead of time, like we have changes this time and that I won’t the next time in May. I probably will in July and then I will only have 2 changes left, probably in my last area, so that is good. It was Semana Santa here too this week but when we said that it was Semana Santa to some people they said no its not, since everyone is out drinking and partying like spring break. Yes Elena, I am all for the plastic pool in the driveway next year since they do that here too. It looked real enticing especially on these hot days. We did have a good rain storm on Wednesday night. It started pouring at about 8 and we were at a lesson. We waited a little bit to leave and the lights went out for a few minutes but came back. Then we headed out for our house and it was pouring. We were super wet and the main street right by our house was pretty flooded. I started to cross since there was no other option but my companion pretty much started panicking since she doesn’t know how to swim and wouldn’t cross. I got out of the knee deep water back with her and we walked around deciding what to do. I offered her a piggy back ride but she said no since we both would fall. Anyway, I finally convinced her that this was the best spot and I stood in the water firmly and helped her make the 4 steps in the flooded part and we crossed. Anyway, good times in the mission. I think I never mentioned that my companion is a lawyer but she doesn’t practice that. She had been working with her uncle in a doctor’s office. The stake went to the temple last week. One of the members we talk to quite a bit went for the first time. She was so excited to tell us all about it when she got back on Thursday. I can’t wait to go with you in 6 months. That will be the plan Friday morning when I get back. We also found an older couple/family to teach this week. They didn’t come to church yesterday but hopefully next week. He is Evangelical but we did pretty well answering his questions. He said he will either have to be Evangelical or a Mormon but he will have to see what the answer is. I also thought of Grandpa as we taught him since he said he could drive himself to church in his truck but his wife said before that basically he shouldn’t be driving. I thought of Grandma that time that we took her home from church and Grandpa had the tire rubbing against the block wall. Anyway, I got an e-mail from president saying that I am here in Linda Vista because there are families I should find and baptize, so I better find them. The Lord will help us. We may have a baptism this week. He is all interviewed and stuff, just waiting for the marriage. So hopefully that will happen this week.  Anyway, I am doing well. I did get to the post office today so mail is on its way. I got a letter from Lilly from BYU-H. She is in California on her mission a few miles from Disneyland. I am becoming a fan of Tang. They have lots of different flavors and I enjoy it to enhance my water. As for p-day today, I wrote letters and then we went looking for shoes for my companion. She called and got permission to leave the zone and go to Payless so we went with a member. It was actually only about 10 minutes by bus and she got 2 pairs for the buy-one-get-one-half-off deal they do. Anyway, it was good. I love you tons. The gospel is true. Love, alc

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