April 2, 2012

Buenas de Linda Vista

So, we got to see all of conference - in English - which was great. Elena pretty much summed it up for me. I did think of that when President Monson said to travel safely home at the end, that he was talking to me and that I will be enjoying conference in October from my couch in Arizona. There were 10 of us watching in English and 9 of the 10 will be finishing their missions before next conference. The other elder is just starting and will have 3 more in the mission. I think that at least half of the mission will be going home in these next 5 transfers. I have 26 weeks to go. That will go by so fast. I loved hearing all the talks on the family and I just love you all sooooooooooooo much. I also liked Elder Hallstrom’s talk about being active in the gospel and not just the church. It was all really good... Elder Oaks about sacrifice and that parents sacrifice the companionship of their children when we go on missions... Elder Holland when he said don’t delay it’s getting late and step up... & Elder Anderson, what does Christ think of me? There was so much good stuff... David F. Evans about getting real letters as missionaries. Thanks, because there are lots who don’t get real letters and he said that it is never just one boy – it’s a family... and to share the gospel in natural normal settings. I did enjoy seeing my Julie B. Beck. I didn’t see Archuleta, so I will have to see that when I get home. Anyway, we had a good time. I enjoyed it...last conference in Nicaragua.

 I saw a guy today with an ASU shirt on. Funny stuff!  Also, my companion found out that her dog died. She asked the elders from Rivas about it and they couldn’t lie to her. Her mom hadn’t mentioned the dog so she figured something was up. So if something happens to Socks tell me about it por favor. I think her dog died about a month ago. Hopefully I can help her stay perky... but it will be fine. So, for p-day we had a p-day with all of the mission. We were going to go to the volcano in Masaya but it was closed for semana santa or Easter week. So we went to Catarina, a look out spot, and to the prison that I went to about a year ago instead. It was fun. I have pictures so I will try sending some if I have time. Then we ordered Burger King and had it delivered to the church afterwards. Random things/thoughts from this week...I ate ranch dressing for the first time in almost a year and I got to eat Vienna sausage yesterday. I have been out of the USA for a year on the 6th. I was really happy when I got to see the US embassy this week. We passed it when we went to a zone meeting. It is interesting how church buildings and US embassies always look nice and well-kept no matter where you are in the world. I didn’t like crossing the street twice this week. We were at a busy area so they have a pedestrian bridge that you can cross over to avoid all the traffic. Not cool. I don’t like heights like that. I would rather cross through the traffic. Thank you for the mail I got this week. We had a zone conference this week with another zone. It was good.

One of the little lessons was from Hermana Monestel about grammar since some of the letters to the president are quite bad. I thought that was funny. Have a great week and Easter (Easter 2 on the mission). You are the bestest. I wish all families could be so close. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for all you do. I can’t wait to see your pretty faces at the Phoenix airport. That will be the day...6 months. I love you more than ever. The gospel is true and the best thing for families. Adios until next week. Love, alc

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