April 9, 2012

Hi peeps...Mendoza week 34!

Happy Easter! I hope you had a good one. I enjoyed opening my Easter presents. Thanks. You are the best. I love you so much. We just finished a fun activity at the mission office with a couple of zones. We played games. I threw the football around with Hermana Ball and some elders, one from Nogales, Az. The Eickbushes fixed hamburgers and hot dogs and it was fun. Next p-day I think we are having a hermana activity on Tuesday so I will write on Tuesday not Monday unless something else changes. Hermana Mcentire was at the activity too which was good. So this week was Semana Santa here. It is kind of like spring break. It actually wasn´t as bad as I had expected about people not being in their houses and stuff. Lots of people had inflatable pools out in front of their houses. I´ve decided that for next Easter I am going to buy an inflatable pool and put it in the driveway and set up a table and play dominoes like a Dominican.  So mark your calendars for that. :) I will be bringing some Dominican dominoes home for sure!We had a little Easter dinner yesterday with the hermanas in Mendoza. Hermana Loftus brought ham and jello and Hermana Domgaard made some potato salad. I brought the coke and some of the ingredients for the salad. It was fun. This week I did exchanges with Hermana Ball. She came with me in Mendoza and it was fun. We walked quite a bit but we enjoyed it and it was nice to talk. I wanted to get empanadas and ice cream at the end of the day but we didn´t have much time and the power was out all over the neighborhood so we just bought coke and cookies at the corner store, the colmado. It was all going well until Hermana Ball got sick and was up and down all night. We made it to the zone meeting the next day and I got your DearElders and one from Lou and one from Lori. I got what Dad sent and it was exactly what I needed. I needed to be reminded of a lot of things. I know the Lord is aware of my situation and so are my earthly parents. Thanks so much Dad! I loved it all but it was nice being reminded that I am making a difference even though it is hard for me to see that right now and that I would find things rewarding in small but important ways. I really love the members here and I can tell when they hug me that they love me too. I will really miss them whenever the time comes. Some say I´m practically a member here and others can´t believe I´ve been here almost 8 months. I will do whatever the Lord wants and if that is staying in Mendoza that is fine. I am pretty sure I will be moving in a couple of weeks but we will see. This is the only area I know and we do our work and if we don´t have success we just keep working. 

I love you peeps a million and I love that we can have a good time no matter where we are or what we are doing or what problems are around us. I know I am doing what I need to be doing and that this is the Lord´s work. The gospel is true my dearest friends and Jesus es El Cristo y El vive! Can´t wait for next Easter.  I am happy and healthy. It is heating up here.  I am just about out of time, but I love you a million my favorite forever family!!!!!!!!!! Until next week, probably next Tuesday. -ejc

P.S. Here´s some photos I have taken in the last few weeks. One is me today with my shirt from Lexxy and the other is Easter morning with my tye dye and plaid shorts. The other is decorations in the other hermanas’ house. That is the little motto our zone leader gave us at the beginning of the transfer and then one from a few weeks ago which is image 46 so gotta love that! Enjoy! -ejc

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