April 23, 2012

Hola from Linda Vista – week 7

Well, I am on the computer now. We are doing well. I have my newbie companion Hermana Flores from Guatemala. She is my first Guatemalan companion which is odd since about half the sisters are from Guatemala. She is real nice.  That was fast that you got the mail I sent. I am going to send another package today with two more of those little treasure chests that the man in Rivas made for Mom. Anyway I am on now. Hopefully Elena will join us soon. I got the Easter package and birthday envelope and letters so we are doing good in the mail department. Thanks so much.

So, we had a baptism on Saturday. It was a 21 year old girl who has been coming to church for several months and finally decided to get baptized. She came to the Relief Society activity and then we had the baptism afterwards. She didn’t come to church yesterday for the confirmation so hopefully that will happen next Sunday. I think with the all-day activity with the church on Saturday, coming to church was a little much for the parents. Our cook lady and her grandson came to church. We had quite a few changes in the district.  We have a new district leader who has about 5 months in the mission and he is good and the new zone leader is one of my district leaders from Masatepe and he goes home with us. Hermana Sutherland, the zone leader, another elder, and I go home together so that's great! Hermana Pastran from the MTC is Hermana Sutherland’s new companion so that is cool. Maybe we will get to do some divisions with them. Our ´trunky papers´ came this week. It’s the paper we get to fill out right before they buy our plane tickets home. I don’t have it yet but I will get it on Friday at our meeting. So that is exciting. I should have flight plans in a month or two. We will have interviews in the next week or so and a mission tour from Elder Martino. The work is moving along and we just need to keep going. I know we can find the people who are ready. I am happy and know I am where I need to be. The gospel is true. So I'm glad that Elena is training. It should be good. For some reason I guess it was meant to be that I train this sister. She was supposed to come at the same time as my other trainee but didn’t for some dental issues and now she is here. I guess I couldn’t train two at once. It’s crazy I will be home for a year before she is finished. I am glad you got to talk to Chessy. Tell her hi for me. Random stuff this week... we went to do a visit with a member and when he started walking I thought, “I have met the Mike Hallock of Nicaragua”.  Last night it rained really hard and we got wet but we went to check up on this old couple who didn’t come to church. They have little, but she gave us both some hot milk which was nice since we were wet and slightly cold.  Good luck Lenny and Happy Birthday! 23 plus 23 equals 46... cool. Well, thanks for everything. Next week I will be 23 when I write. Love you tons. alc

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