April 30, 2012

Hi peeps from the DR

We´ve had a good p-day. We went to the park with the group of missionaries here in the capital. Then we went to the mall with most of the hermanas and I ate Taco Bell and frozen yogurt...mmmm. Then we shopped a little and came home and now I am here on the computer. It was weird today when we were leaving the park, I felt like I was missing someone and was looking around for Alexis. Then I realized I am in another country and she is in Nicaragua, but it was weird and I hadn´t had that happen before. So I moved houses in Mendoza this week. The office elders came on Saturday to move all of the stuff from my house into the other hermanas’ house. I talked to the mission finance secretary (his family lives at Power and Guadalupe). He is going home in July and going back to ASU. Maybe I´ll see him around in January. (I sent you an article about Arizona and SB1070 and our dear friend Jan that I saw in the paper this week. Gotta love good old Jan.) The assistants said that now my new companion is supposedly coming on Wednesday, but they still haven´t got her travel plans, so we´ll see. The trio is interesting and I am not sure if they will keep me here if my companion doesn´t come or move me. I will let you know what happens next week. The first week of the transfer is always interesting, getting used to changes and stuff, and I will have another week like that this coming week. I feel kind of homeless since it is weird that we closed up my house that I had been leaving in for 8 and a half months. I am still waiting to get my stuff settled into a new house. I hear the house in Gazcue is nice with air conditioning and a microwave. Cool. My companions are fine and I don´t think either of them want me to leave. But I think my time is done here in Mendoza...37 weeks. Some of the members have said that they hope my new companion doesn´t come but whatever. I love the members and my dear Egyptian investigator, but I need a new adventure I think. We will see what the Lord has in store. So our Egyptian is doing well. He makes me so happy. He stopped drinking after he read about the word of wisdom in the English Gospel Principles book we gave him. His prayers at the end of the lessons always make me smile because they are simple but so sincere. He is supposed to be going to the ward he actually lives in and the stake president brought a cool member to our lesson last night that speaks English and lives in that ward. I have one more appointment with him before I leave on Wednesday and I think I will give him my contact information at home so I can try and find him after the mission. One night we were waiting for the stake president outside of his office and then a freshly released missionary walked out. He was with some family and I can´t help but think of you and how happy we will be to be back together again. I was reading in the June Liahona about Elder Nelson’s trip to Central America and how he promised the saints in Nicaragua that the Lord would provide a temple when they are ready. I hope a temple will be announced next conference. I will be so happy. It is weird how I feel love for people just because Lexxy loves them. It is odd being one of the oldest sisters now in the mission and I miss having Hermanas Bradley ,Kamisese, Loftus and Ward to look to for advice. Someone asked me if I was going to “die” (or finish my mission) in Gazcue. It is possible but we will see. It was weird to have someone ask me that. So I thought I would tell you about my birthday in the DR. I got up real excited to open my package. Thanks pranks. The new clothes are great and I have been wearing them. I also enjoyed the Oreos. You guys are the bestest. It was a fairly normal day. It was raining most of the day but a nice rain, not pouring. In the afternoon during one of our lessons, Hermana Hernandez called and wished me a happy birthday, so that was nice. Then that night we went and got ice cream. I got me a nice super sundae. I sat down and started eating until the lady was ready for me to pay and then this guy walked in and said he was going to buy all of our ice creams. We weren´t sure what to think but he ended up just paying for it and then walked out. I told my companions that perhaps that happened because I know my parents try to take care of the missionaries at home and things always come back. Hermanas Kamisese and Loftus left notes in the office for me wishing me a happy birthday and they were very nice. Hermanas Domgaard and Ball brought me some of my favorite snacks and a Coke to the zone meeting on Thursday. So it was a good day. Hermana Domgaard wrote in the card they gave me that next year I will probably be eating at a nice restaurant and not at a plastic picnic table. That was funny. I am looking forward to going to Joe’s BBQ next year. I hope you all had a good week. Love you guys. ejc

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