April 17, 2012

Hi peeps...Week 35 in Mendoza!

We had a fun hermana activity at the zoo today.  There were hardly any people there but it was fun spending time with the hermanas.  That is awesome that Lexxy is training again.  We find out on Sunday about transfers.  I hope you are doing well.  So, I hit my 10 month mark on Sunday and 8 months in Mendoza yesterday.  Lexxy is at 13 months and Chelsea is on her way home today.  I can´t believe it.  I have been thinking lots about her.  Cool stuff.  We had a good week.  We were not successful getting people to church this week, but life goes on.  After church on Sunday the other hermanas came over for lunch.  I always enjoy spending time with Hermana Vera and Hermana Loftus.
We had a fun time at the temple this week. We went to McDonalds after, with the hermanas that were there and I enjoyed a delicious Big Mac, Milky Way Mcflurry and a Coca Cola light...mmm mmm good.
We are teaching an Egyptian man. I invited him to church at the corner store and I really didn´t think he would show, but he has come to church a few times now. He doesn´t live in our area but the area he lives in doesn´t have missionaries, so we started teaching him. The only problem is that he doesn´t speak Spanish, so we teach in English. His wife lives in Puerto Rico and is an evangelical pastor, so he will have to tell her. He is super cool. He converted to Christianity and moved from Egypt. He said he got interested in the Mormons when Herman Cain got asked about Mormons and said something and then the scandal broke out with him. I knew what he was talking about from all of the updates you send. Thanks. Some of the hermanas were asking me today since they knew I would have info. It was super weird teaching him in English but we managed. We also were contacting this week and ran into a less active whose active grandma from another ward was there. It turned out her son had died within the last few days suddenly and I was thinking how the Lord places us where we need to be and how the Lord would send 2 Americanitas to share something with this woman. She was very pulled together and I didn´t really know what to say but I am sure we helped just by visiting. A 16 year old girl that I contacted in August and that we have been teaching on and off finally received her answer that the church is true, but she moved this week. Hopefully she will get baptized elsewhere. I forgot to tell you last week that we got dumpsters in the neighborhood so we don´t have to go chasing after the garbage trucks anymore. J ...the luxuries of life! We went and visited a sister who had surgery this week and while we were there the RS president showed up and the compassionate service leader.  I sure love seeing the Relief Society in action wherever you are in the world.  I love you so much my forever family. That is awesome about Scott Allen. Cool! Have a grand week. I will have transfer details next week. Love, ejc

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