April 30, 2012

Linda Vista week 8

I am doing well.  I had a good birthday. The zone leaders called in the morning and sang and Hermanas Sutherland and Pastran called and played a primary happy birthday song on their cd player. In the night time, Hermana Monestel called so that was nice. I enjoyed all my goods. It was a good day and a regular day. An old couple gave us enchiladas here -not Arizona enchiladas, here that is a fried tortilla filled with rice and meat...mmmmm.  We´ve been enjoying the Oreos, too. Anyway, thanks for making it special even from far away. I love you tons. We’ll have to go to Joe’s BBQ next year. Here are some birthday photos...a real good day and muchas gracias. 

Today for p-day we went to lunch at the El Salvador pupusa place and got shaved ice. anyway.  It was a good week. Our girl got confirmed yesterday so that was good. I got mail too. When Hermana Sutherland asked about the mail they just said no there is just a big stack for Hermana Cottam. Gotta love mail.  Gracias. So we had interviews this week. It went well. I felt like I was only in there for about 5 minutes but it was good. I have gotten compliments with mi español from a couple of missionaries. The zone leader called and asked who was talking and I said Hermana Cottam and he said “pura latina Hermana”. Hermana Pastran says I have a real good Nica accent. So that is good. Anyway, as for Elena’s comment about the temple in Nicaragua, I hope they announce it soon. But they have been telling the members to do more family history and such to get one. The Church owns land here for the temple but is just waiting for the preparation of the people. That will be the day when one is finally here!  In a letter Lenny mentioned Noches de Amistad and Mom said she liked the idea. We have Noches de Hermanamiento here or fellowshipping night and we have a little message and game and a more relaxed meeting. I have been enjoying my new music and also was listening to the cd Joyce sent a while back and there is a song I like....“The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Loved to Do.”  I like the last verse:

The hardest thing I`ve ever loved to do
Was getting on this plane and coming home to you
In a million ways completely torn apart
As a land so far away still owns my heart.

It will be a very odd feeling coming home and I will have several places that own my heart...Nicaragua, the DR, Laie, and Arizona.  But I will love coming back.  Elena asked about my plans when I get home and I don’t know.  We shall see what happens.  I saw someone this week with a Nexis Lexis shirt like Lenny’s... funny lawyer girl.  I can’t wait to talk to you too...grand day!  Anyway, I did get letters mailed today.  I love you tons.  The gospel is true my forever family.  Love, alc

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