June 27, 2011

Nicaragua - six weeks in!

I got here six weeks ago today! Crazy! One change(transfer) down and 11 more to go. The Latina sisters have 3 weeks in the MTC and 13 changes in the field. The North American sisters have 3 weeks and 1 change in the MTC and 12 in the field, so I will go home one change before the Latina sisters I came with. The Latino elders have a total of 17 changes and 3 weeks in the MTC. The North American elders have 16 in the field and 1 in the MTC. So, the elders are waiting to hear if they have changes. They find out today. My understanding is that I will be here at least one more change and then I don´t know what. The training is supposed to be twelve weeks. Anyway, we´ll see how it all works out.  Dad- you mentioned something about doing english classes here. A couple of weeks ago the elders said they were going to do some, but that hasn´t happened yet. Maybe after the changes this week. Some people are interested in them, so we will see. We did not have our baptism on Saturday. Yesterday, we were fairly unsuccessful at getting people to church. We did divisions with some members so I could invite the people that live around the church and my companion could go out farther to get a family. No one ended up showing at the beginning and I was just praying that someone would come. About 5 minutes before the meeting ended an investigator showed. We had talked to her on Saturday, but didn´t go by on Sunday. We had been visiting her family a lot the first few weeks we had been here. One of our other families that we have been teaching - the wife and daughters seem quite interested. The husband likes to talk to us and has lots of questions and knows the Bible really well.  When he is there we don´t get to teach a lesson we just end up answering questions (well, I don´t say much - my companion answers his questions and recites scriptures. She knows her stuff which is good.). So this week, we are going to try something different with him. We are going to go on divisions with the members and I will go to that family. I can teach the lessons, but I really can´t do much with his questions, so we are hoping that because I am the one there he won´t ask so many questions and we can teach them more of the real lessons. I will let you know how that goes. So, I was excited that with the mail on Saturday all the missionaries got conference Liahonas. And the North Americans´ are in English, so I am excited about that. I read Sister Stevens talk about becoming like children that was really good. I thought about the Greens and some of the qualities the kids have that I need to develop. It was a good talk. I was also reading this morning in Preach My Gospel in Lesson 5 about Missionary Work and Eternal Marriage (page 84). I liked how it said that when we share the gospel we enjoy lots of blessings and that we as members should always be looking for ways to share the gospel. I definitely could have done better with this before my mission. The members here are really good examples for me. Whenever we are with them and they see someone they know, they just introduce us to their friends and it is really great. Missionary work definitely brings happiness. It is a different happiness since I am not with you all, but it is good and I know that I am doing what I should be. I also like in Preach my Gospel in the marriage part that said heaven is a continuation of the ideal home. This makes me really happy to think about because I enjoy so much being at home with you all and if heaven is going to be like that ( and I believe even better) than that will be so awesome. Thanks for making our home so great. I love you all so much! I am doing really fantastic here. The work is going well and hopefully we will have lots of success in July.  Anyway, life is good here. I will write some other letters this afternoon. I love hearing from you all.  Love you all lots and lots. Love, Alexis

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