June 27, 2011

Elena's Pictures from Provo!

                                                            Elena sent a short note with her pictures from the Provo
                                                                             MTC.  She'll e-mail on Wednesday.
Hola familia!
Twas a real good day at the MTC.  I got your package- muchas gracias!  We also had a real good devotional.  I sang in the choir so we got good seats.  Elder Bednar spoke.  Also, Elders Anderson, Oaks, Scott, Ballard, Holland, and Nelson were there.  Pretty sweet to have over half of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles there.  I think I saw Elder Hinckley on the stand too.  And I saw one of my favorites, Julie B. Beck, in the crowd of general authorities.  I met my mission president & his wife.  They were super sweet and speak some English.  I got my travel plans!  We leave on July 7th.  It will be a full day of traveling through Dallas and Miami.  I guess that means our visas must have come through.  Anyway here's the pics!  Enjoy.  I love you all tons!
                                                             Love, Elena

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