June 29, 2011

Hi from the MTC - Week 2

Hi again!  
I'm emailing early again this week since I just put my laundry in.  It's been a good week. We had the mission president's seminar, so there was the special fireside on Friday. There were 7 apostles there and Elder Bednar spoke. It was real good. I sang in the choir so we had good seats. I also got to meet my mission president which was great. There are 11 elders here that are going to my mission and then me and one of my companions. When we walked in the room the mission president's wife gave me and my comp a hug and said "mis hijas". She is super sweet. They said they would take good care of us.  She speaks good English and he speaks some too. We met them on Friday and then they had us meet again on Saturday because they forgot to take a picture.  It worked out because we hadn't brought our cameras on Friday night either. Our roomates left on Wednesday and we'll be getting 2 new ones today. The ones that left went to Mesa and will also work in the Visitor's Center, so if you see a Sister Anderson or Carlson ask them if they were my roomates. 
So our investigator we had the first week, it turns out is now our teacher.  We also have another new teacher.  It's a sister that served in New York.  I like them both.   Now we are teaching them part of the time in Spanish.   They play the role of an investigator they had on their mission or someone else so it seems more real than just making stuff up.  We do that too when are role playing.  We try to play someone we know and react how they would react.   We had a good lesson yesterday on revelation through prayer.   The managers of the other MTCs are here this week and we had some people observe us yesterday.  The lady from the New Zealand MTC also taught part of our class on Monday, so that was fun.   I ran into a couple people from Mt View and from BYUH.   A lot of people look familar but it's sometimes hard to place them. 
So I leave on the 7th.   We have to be at the travel office at 3 am.   We have a 6 am flight from Salt Lake to Dallas, then from Dallas to Miami, then Miami to Santo Dominigo.  Things are going great.  I can't believe that I'll be leaving in a week.   It's crazy.  Things are good here but it will be good to get to the DR.   I can't believe Alexis already finished one transfer.  Awesome.   I took pictures yesterday at the map and will order those today.   I am doing well here.   I know that this is what I need to be doing right now.   There really isn't any greater work. The MTC is a special place. Thanks for all the mail.   Love you tons.  -Elena

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