June 13, 2011

Nicaragua - I have now been here 4 weeks!

SO HOLA! Greetings from Masatepe! I just got a little letter from my mission president complementing my grammar from my weekly letters. He doesn´t respond often just because there are so many, so that was kind of exciting. Thanks for the mail.  Yeah, mail comes fairly reguarly. I didn´t get any last week, but that was only because the Zone Leader forgot to send the mail bag the week before. If they do send it I will at least get things at our meetings on Friday if not earlier like I did today.  I got it all this morning so that was fun.  Thanks for spoiling me tons with the mail. I love mail. So, next week on Monday and Tuesday the new missionaries and their trainers are having a training in Managua. So, I won´t be emailing on Monday, but I will email that Wednesday, so look for an email next Wednesday. Yeah, so last night the elders had me believing that I had to go to Managua today for immigration stuff. I will eventually, but they were just joking but I was fairly convinced. They just wanted to see how we would react to have 2 pdays in a row be taken over by other stuff. Luckily I didn´t have to go this week.  I will have more time this afternoon to write letters but they probably won't get mailed for a couple weeks.  So this week was good.
 We had a baptism Saturday of the daughter of the guy that got baptized last week. But Sunday was crazy because we had to redo it all again because there was some confusion with her name. That will be something for us all to remember. 

So, here's some food info: Breakfast is cereal. Lunch we have usually rice and beans and some kind of meat-chicken or beef usually. For dinner we have gallopinto, which is rice and beans combined and eggs or this fried cheese thing. The food is good. Last night we had fried bologna with our gallopinto. That was actually not bad. The refreshment of choice here at church activities is bologna sandwiches.  So in Masatepe they had this toro fest a couple weeks ago I forgot to mention. It was really funny to hear the word toro used in actual context. Anyway, I think there might be something this weekend too with the toros. We didn´t really see anything, but it was all the talk here.  That was interesting about Leah Brown´s twin sisters.  I am glad that me and Lenny are going to more similar places and both learning spanish. It is going real good here. It is interesting how some things in life happen where ever you are. Like there are a couple families that have a grandparent living with them and have to decide who will go to church since one needs to stay with him. And things in the church, like in every building there are always chairs being put up and being put down. Some stuff will never change and is just part of life. Well I am learning lots and having a good time. We had a good conference on Tuesday with the President and 2 other zones. It was fun to see one of the sisters I came with. I am teaching some people a little piano, and the other day I helped one of our investigators with her math homework. Who knew how hard it could be to explain things I know so well, in Spanish?  Its all good.  So, all the companionships of sisters have cell phones now and the elders who are leaders. It is kind of weird to have a phone, but it is convenient to call people when we are out and about. And, our hot water has been working so that has been real nice this week. Hopefully it will continue. The weather here is pretty good. It is one of the cooler places in the mission I hear. In the afternoons it is warm but I am not dying of heat or anything. We have fans in the apartment we have on at night, but it isn´t super hot all the time. Elena - in your letter you mentioned Mr. Vogl. When I excersise, I do jumping jacks in sets of 46. I am still brainwashed!  Well, thanks for being awesome.  Have fun these last couple days with lenny.  Lenny- really have an awesome time and you are going to be awesome.   I am so excited for you to get going so we can all be together again in 18 months. Can't believe I will be at 3 months on Thursday. Well, the gospel is true and I am happy I get to share it. This is a great work.   Love you all and miss you, but know that I am doing well.  Love you tons and I know you will be awesome.   Love, Alexis

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