June 22, 2011

Elena's 1st week at the Provo MTC


Hi from the MTC! So things are good here. It's hard to believe that's it's been a week here. In some ways it's gone by fast and others it seems like forever, but it's all good. I am in a good district. We have elders going to New Jersey, South Carolina, Argentina, and the DR and the sisters I'm with are going to the DR. I've seen Tanner and Tucker a few times here around the MTC which has been fun and also a few people from BYUH - one elder from my social dance class and Cherry from Thailand who is a teacher here. She thought I was Alexis since I think she had seen her when she was here. It is fun to be around all the missionaries here. So the schedule is pretty crazy. We're pretty busy and trying to get everything done. We teach a pretty good actor investigator almost every day in Spanish and we started the 2nd or 3rd day we were here. It's hard since we can't really respond very well yet to his questions and we try to understand what he is saying but it is coming along. My teacher is good and very nice. We have gym every day except p-day and Sunday and we've been going outside some of the time and played in the gym. We played baseball/softball yesterday which was fun. So, it is fun being in Alexis's branch. I had to pray in Spanish last night at our district meeting and after, the branch president said my Spanish was good just like my sisters. It is coming along. I sleep on the bottom bunk in my room and the residence halls are pretty nice. The food is good...lots of choices. It took me a couple of days to adjust and get my appetite back but I'm doing great now and eating good. And there is ice cream tonight! All the new mission presidents are arriving today I think and I think I get to meet mine on Friday. There is also a special devotional on Friday. The devotional was good last night. We had Paul Sybrowsky of the Seventy. It was good and he said that the 2000 missionaries here will convert 24,000 people which is about 8-16 stakes. Pretty awesome to think about. He said that this is the greatest work we will ever do since it will set the stage for our eternal life. I sang in the choir and we sang "Come Thou Fount" which was great. Well, I am just doing laundry here and typing away. Thanks for the mail. I also got DearElders from Aunt Mary and Marni.  The MTC is great. A sister in my zone had known Kim while she was here. There is no place on earth like the MTC and everyone should experience the spirit here. It is so fun to sing “Called to Serve” and “Army of Helaman” and other missionary songs with all of us here. I am doing good and am enjoying my time here. Chelsea said in her letter that the MTC is so sacred, so good. And it is. It is an adjustment with the studying and schedule and everything, but I am doing good. I know that this is the greatest work I could be doing right now, which is awesome. The Gospel's true. I hope you are doing well. Love you lots!!!!!! You guys are the best! Love, Elena

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