October 29, 2012

...more from the dengue girl

Hi peeps,

I am happy to report that I am doing much better with the dengue. I basically was in bed for the entire week except to email you last week and go to the lab a couple of times. I did make it to Sacrament Meeting yesterday. Today I went to the office to pick up my mail and we ate Pizza Hut and got frozen yogurt with Hermana Ball and her companion. I am still regaining my strength back and after email I am going to read my mail and take a nap. People have been calling and checking in on me all week. I have been in my jammies all week too. We are going to the temple tomorrow which will be nice. Dengue stinks and it was probably the worst week of my entire life being sick. (When I say, the worst week of my life, it wasn´t that bad, but I can´t think of a time of when I was as sick. I remember having the flu for a week in 9th grade and that´s the closest I could come up with. But I wish I would have had my marshmallow bed.) I didn´t eat for basically a week and just tried to stay hydrated. I threw up once. Everyone says I look real skinny. I weighed myself at the office and I am down some more. I told Hermana Hernandez and Hermana Eickbush it´s called the dengue diet. It was good seeing them at the office. They were glad to see I was still alive. President said, “resucit√≥” or like I had been resurrected ...funny! Anyways, I have stayed in contact with the doctor who his really nice and he said I don´t need any more lab work and by the end of the week I should be pretty normal but that sometimes it can take that long to get your strength back. Thanks for the prayers and stuff. When I didn´t want to eat anything I kept reminding myself of the food I will be enjoying after I get home. But I am doing much better and up and about. It´s been kind of a weird transfer with the illnesses and all. It is hard to feel like getting into much of a routine when I haven´t been doing normal missionary stuff for a while. Crazy. I am ready to be rid of this dengue nonsense and I should be fully recuperated for the trip home. I still need to buy some souvenirs next p-day, then we are having an hermana activity our last real p-day, and then I´ll be in the office. Sweet! So I wasn´t feeling up to a conference the mission had on Saturday with Elder Zwick of the seventy, so the other hermanas had to give us a report. He did talk about the numbers since the new missionary ages were announced. Apparently 11,000 papers have been received in these 3 weeks or so and normal is 500 or 600 every week. 2000 were from sisters just in Utah and 1500 international sisters. Our mission, which I think has 160-ish missionaries, will be increasing soon to 250. He said that one day he will speak with a group of missionaries and half will be hermanas ...pretty sweet! So I guess there are going to be a lot more sister missionaries which is good since our mission numbers for sisters are dwindling. It will be interesting to see what happens and what new missions they will create. The other hermanas were real excited with his talk. The hermanas stayed in a little with the storm. It´s nice having the other hermanas around while I’m stuck in the house. We had lots of thunder and lightning but nothing too bad. The power did get knocked out that affected our water one morning but they got that fixed up. I haven´t been doing anything, not even dominoes or writing letters. My letter writing is getting real lame. I could barely get up and go to the bathroom. Yesterday, I took a shower to get ready for church and that about did me in. I had to take a little nap afterwards before going to Sacrament Meeting. But today I´ve done good walking around and stuff. Elder Shaver, the doctor, said that it can take up to a week to get back to normal strength. I can´t believe it is November next week and it´s almost election time. I finally got my ballot today but it won´t go out until Friday. I will send it even though it´s probably not going to make it. Did the Giants win the World Series? I was watching ESPN a little at Pizza Hut but I couldn´t tell if they won or made it to the World Series. Good luck with the clarinet gig, Alexis. I knew that ASU education school was Lexxy´s next life plan. I guess this week we do need to try and find some of our investigators. I sure love you peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, ejc

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