October 22, 2012

...greetings from the dengue girl

Well, well, well, I hope you are all doing well. Things are pretty good here in the DR except that I came down with a "little case of dengue fever" on Friday. I have basically been in bed since Friday afternoon and the other hermanas have been taking real good care of me. We´ve been in contact with the doctor and Hermana Hernandez and I am just drinking lots of liquids and taking lots of Tylenol. I am feeling better today and working on getting my appetite back. Hermana Ball and her companion came over today and hung out with me and Hermana Domgaard. Our other roommates had to go to the doctor since Hermana Mcentire woke up with her bad back. They went to get some x-rays and stuff but I had a fun time with the other hermanas at the house. I thought about not telling you but decided you might be upset if I didn´t, but I don´t want you to worry. On Friday morning when we were studying I got a really bad headache and took some Tylenol. We worked in the morning and I ate lunch and then laid down. Then I was running a good little fever so we stayed in. My eyes were hurting which is another symptom of dengue and body aches, so by Friday night we were pretty sure that was what I had. On Saturday morning I went to the convenient lab across the street to get some blood work done. The lady didn´t see a good vein but she managed in the first attempt. I had to get the same test today again and the lady there today was not as successful. She was not very careful to look for a vein and just went for it in my arm. I didn´t think it was going well so I looked and Hermana Domgaard started saying, “Don´t look, don´t look.” Anyways, she ended up having to do it in my hand. I did get a cool Disney sticker so that made it fun. J I think Hermana Domgaard could have done just as well with the needle and was a little freaked by the needle lady today. I have had some nausea too with the dengue but I am starting to eat a little so that´s good. I have been drinking lots of Gatorade and water and luckily I haven´t had diarrhea or been throwing up since that´s when you need an IV to keep hydrated. The other hermanas always keep telling me to drink lots. The other hermanas have been babying me real good. Hermana Mcentire has been asking me every five seconds if I need anything. She´s been calling Hermana Hernandez and the doctor although today I decided I wanted to talk to him since I am improving. I am really glad Hermana Domgaard is here to lighten the mood. One morning she brought me a cold rag and felt my head and said, “I just have to take care of my baby.” She´s a funny girl. She made my bed too this morning. I did get a blessing on Saturday from the district leader since they were in our area to do a baptismal interview for the other hermanas, so that was good. I had Hermana Domgaard print my emails this morning and she said she saw something on the page about being healthy and thought that was ironic. J The good news about the dengue is that I will probably reach my weight loss goals before I come home. J I can´t wait to weigh myself sometime soon. President called to check up on me today too which was nice. I am on the mend and should be back to normal in a couple of days... just another story to tell about the mission. J I don´t have much to tell you since I have just been bored in the house. It´s boring not to have a TV or anything but life goes on and I’m going to be totally fine, so no worries. Other than the dengue, the lady got baptized on Saturday which was cool but I didn´t get to go. I will have to get the pictures from the other hermanas. Our convert from a couple of weeks ago got put in the young men´s presidency this week which will be good for him. Fortunately the temple trip got cancelled this week so we will go in a couple of weeks or something. That worked out nicely so I don´t have to exert myself too much to go to the temple this week. I will work on not getting other diseases. Some people in the area wanted to come visit me but that isn´t allowed in missionary apartments, but the thought was nice. Well peeps, my time is up. I hope Mom is on the mend and that you have a great birthday this week. I sent a card that I hope gets there in time. I can´t wait to see you all in 4 weeks. Hopefully next week, I won´t have any reports of illnesses or anything. J Love you guys sooooooooooo much my forever family. Love, ejc

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