October 1, 2012

Last email from the Nica!

Well, we just got back to Diriomo from Managua and my final interview. It went well. President was very complimentary and said he was sad to see me go.  I love my mission president and know he is the one I needed.  I had had the thought a few weeks back to ask him for a blessing in my interview so I decided to ask him for one as I leave.  I told him that my Dad had given me one before I left and that I would like one before I go back.  It was a nice blessing and just made me feel closer to my mission president.  President thanked me for always having a good attitude and being a good influence on others and good to my companions.  I really can’t believe it is over and that I will actually see you on Thursday.  President asked if I was excited to see my sister.  I said yes but that I will have to wait another 7 weeks ...he thought we left together.  But anyway, we finished off the change with another baptism.  We baptized the man who read the Book of Mormon in 10 days.  He is excited and even had to go out to the farm he bought, since he was living with the in-laws and they didn’t want anyone not of their religion living there.  We feel bad having 2 people get kicked out of their houses but they are doing great and moving forward.  I enjoyed the Relief Society broadcast.  We went with some investigators of the elders and it was great.  I felt the same sisterhood I feel at home and had tears in my eyes as I thought about leaving my Nica sisters.  As I saw the young single adults singing I thought that in a week I will be one of them and not Hermana Cottam.  I feel so many emotions right now but I am thrilled to see you soon.  So we head to Managua again on Wednesday and then stay at a hotel that night and we are off bright and early on Thursday.  I just can’t wait.  I know this is where I needed to serve my mission and that the Lord knows me and where I am.  I know this is His work and that this is His church.  I don’t doubt it.  I can’t wait to see you and tell you all about it non-stop.  Thanks for all the support you give us.  I have the best family ever and can’t wait for the party this week and then again when we are complete again in November. Funny stories from the week... this crazy man on the street called my companion Princess Diana.  That was hilarious.  I was talking to my companion about The West Wing.  I figure that I could watch the entire seven seasons in about 4 days without sleeping ...maybe that would be fun ...just kidding.  I didn’t get mail this week.  Hopefully I will get the last letters before I leave.  I am excited for food at home.  Saturday was not one of my favorites as far as food goes - soup for lunch, and chicken innards for dinner.  I struggled a little, downing the dinner, since I had asked before-hand what it was.  But I did it!  So I can’t wait to see you ...try not to make a big scene at the airport people ...you know me and my not liking to call attention to myself.  But I am super pumped.  I have been cleaning out and getting stuff ready to go but I will probably start packing more tonight.  I really can’t believe it is over.  I feel like I am in a dream.  It just can’t be possible that my mission is over and that it has been 18 months since I have seen you.  I love you soooooooo much.  See you on Thursday. I will have such a big smile on my face ...can’t wait.  I love you tons.  I am a happy girl.  Love, your Nica hija, alc

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