October 1, 2012

Hello from the DR

So peeps, the hermana activity got cancelled since some other zones were having a BBQ in Gazcue today and some of the hermanas wanted to go.  Anyways, we got invited to the BBQ, too, so it was another good day with the Eickbushes and hamburgers and hot dogs and Klondike bars...mmmmmmmm.  I can´t believe little Lexxy is going to be home on Thursday.  It will be so weird hearing from her next Monday from AZ.  I want all of the details and pictures and stuff.  I got the lovely package with goodies in it this week. You are the best and Hermana Mcentire loves you too.  She loved that you wrote, “Oreos for you and Hermana Mcentire”.   Things are good here in the DR ...not much news to report but it’s been a good week.  When we were in the taxi coming home after the BBQ today Hermana Mcentire was talking to the driver and told him we were going home en el mes que viene (aka, next month).  Sweet!  That is awesome isn´t it?  Today I said goodbye to Hermana Vera.  I know we will be in the holiday season when I get home.  I am soooooo excited but sometimes I do think about how this time is slipping away and I won´t be Hermana Cottam for very much longer.  I am ready to come home and start school and stuff but it will be a little bittersweet that this chapter of my life will be over.  There´s not very many people who get to do what we do day after day after day.  I am excited to hear about transfers next Sunday and will let you know what happens.  We have a baptism scheduled for the 20th of October and the lady is really excited.  She also has several friends who are members and she keeps saying that I am going home so soon in November.  I really don´t want to have to tell her I am leaving next week, if that is the case with transfers.  She calls me coTAM ...co like in co-pay and tam like in tambourine, but the accent on the tam.  Funny, no one else says my name like that.  Hermana Mcentire and I went to church by ourselves yesterday since her companion was sick.  We decided one from each companionship should go to greet the investigators and my companion decided to stay with the sick companion.  My companion and I watched the last half of the Relief Society broadcast last night with the ward since that was when they were watching it.  It was in Spanish so not quite the same as in English.  Mark your calendar next year Mom, since Lexxy and I will be coming with you.  I am super excited about General Conference.  We had to go to the office on Friday to pick up more pills for my companion.  I had a lovely chat with the Eickbushes.  I finished decorating my last planner and it says, hold on a little longer.  The back has the picture you recently sent of Chessy and us at lunch after graduation with the scripture Alma 17:13.  I don´t have a ton of time left but I just wanted to tell you all again how much I love you.  Enjoy yourselves on Thursday and as you can imagine I will be thinking of you.  Safe travels Nica ...three fourths of the Cottam clan will be back together esperando la otra (waiting for the other). Try not to cause too much of a disturbance in the airport. J  I am so excited for you all!  Can´t wait to see you in seven little weeks ...love you guys.  Party it up real good for me.  Love you tons, ejc


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