November 5, 2012

Greetings...two weeks and counting!

Greetings peeps.   We have had a good p-day.  We went to the conde to buy souveniers and such.  We ate at Pizza Hut and got frozen yogurt.  Basically it was a repeat of last week but minus the not feeling good cuz of the dengue.  So I have pretty much made a full recovery from the dengue, but we have another case of dengue in the house.  I have been taking care of “dengue Domgaard” the last couple of days.  She is eating and doesn’t have the high fever but needs to do some more blood work to verify the dengue.  She went out with us for a little while today.  Anywho, life is good here.  The hermana from Fiji wants some info on BYUH so if you can look into deadlines and application requirements and different programs for her Lexxy and send that in a separate email next week that would be grand.  I told her my sister isn’t doing anything so she can look that up for you. J  Also, my “West Wing” companion, Hermana Loftus is going to be in Phoenix over Thanksgiving so I am going to give her our home phone number to call and arrange for a time to get together. I emailed and told her to call.  She met Chelsea in Utah.  She is coming to visit her boyfriend’s family in Phoenix so if Cambrai Loftus calls you’ll know why. J   So it’s crazy that I will be on my way home in 2 weeks and 1 day ...craziness.  I can’t wait to see you.  We went to the temple on Tuesday and it was grand.  We also ate at McDonalds and I had a Big Mac ...mmmm. Good thing I got my appetite back.  We made a stop at the doctor's at the CCM since Hermana Mcentire’s back flared up at the temple.  We didn’t go out on Tuesday since I was still recuperating and her back was bothering her but on Wednesday we went out for most of the time.  I did take a little nap in the afternoon.  On Thursday we had our district zone meeting and I got some lovely mail.  I will try and write some letters this week.  On Friday we worked like normal. I had a splitting headache on Friday night but whatever.  On Friday night, Hermana Domgaard had a lot of body pain and has had some stomach pain for a couple of weeks, so on Saturday morning we went to our favorite lab across the street.  Awesome ...she wanted all four of us to go for moral support so we could hold her hand and stuff.  It was pretty funny.  At least it was the good lady that drew the blood since people have a hard time seeing her veins.  Anyways, they had a baptismal interview and some appointments in the morning and I still had a headache, so I stayed with “dengue Domgaard”.  It turns out she has parasites and dengue.  That’s what I call a double whammy.  I ended up staying with her Saturday and Sunday in the house.  She is a stubborn one and insisted on going to church and going out today.  I talked to Hermana Hernandez in the mission office yesterday and she said it was good that she had a nurse that knows what to do.  I am pretty sure I am going to go out with Hermana Mcentire today, but our area is not going so well since we didn’t work in it for like 2 weeks and we want to keep the other area of the hermanas going while she has dengue. So Hermana Mcentire has been going out with the hermana from Fiji and I have been cuidando (taking care of) the dengue girl.  Actually we have a real good time together so it’s been fun and I get to give her some pay back for all the times she told me to drink things and stuff when I was sick. She likes that I understand her sense of humor.  The other hermanas said we were crazy and I said we are crazier when we’re together.  It’s kind of like Dad and Uncle Howard.  We made some real funny videos of dengue Domgaard and her dengue diaries.  I will show you some when I get home.  We have renamed the house, la casa de enfermedad (the house of sickness) and the house of dengue.  This would have been a lot more convenient if we had had dengue at the same time. J  I am going to make t-shirts when I get home and send one to her that says “I survived dengue in the DR” ...funny. Anywho, life is good here in the DR.  Well peeps, my time is up.  I am excited to hear about the elections this week and I am so excited for that airport reunion in two weeks.  Awesome! J  I love you guys sooooooooooooo much.  Tell Lexxy I liked the pictures she sent.  Have a great week.  I am off to check up on dengue Domgaard.  Love you, ejc

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