November 12, 2012

...the last word from the DR!

So we are just getting on at 5p.m. so we are cutting it close today, but it was a fun p-day.  We went to the office and then to the new Agora Mall in the west mission right by Ikea.  They bought lunch at the food court.  I had a delicious bacon western cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm!  Then we wandered around the mall and bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts for later.  So craziness that this is my last email from the DR.  I am super excited.  I can´t wait to see you all and party it up.  I heard about Obama winning on Wednesday morning when the other hermanas came home from their run in the morning and said they heard on the radio, “Obama ganó” and then honestly, I kind of forgot about it. I was wishing I had been able to watch the election returns but then I got over it. Too bad for Romney but I will enjoy the next election with no incumbent.  So much of this week has been with dengue Domgaard.  We’ve been doing exchanges with her and her companion to keep their area going.  One afternoon I went out but most of the other time I stayed in with her since we just get along.  I really have enjoyed the time we´ve had together and now we are buddies.  It´s been good for us.  It´s just too bad it involved dengue but the dengue girl is doing much better and pretty much back to normal. We both are still dealing with some stomach stuff which Hermana Hernandez said could still be effects from the dengue.  I had to say goodbye to Hermana Ball today.  That was kinda sad but I will see her when she gets home.  She and Hermana Domgaard will get home in February.  I am so excited for Thanksgiving and I can´t wait for that airport reunion.  I am glad Hermana Loftus got a hold of you and that will be fun to see her.  We have zone conference this week which should be good and then the office on Monday.  A guy that Hermana Louis and I taught twice is going to get baptized on Saturday, which is cool.  The other hermanas are excited and I am too.  Last Friday we had a meeting about going back to the real world.  They talked about interview skills and how to use what we´ve learned on the mission in the job world.  It was good but was a long day.  There are about 10 of us going home but I am flying by myself which actually I think make things less stressful.  Elder Eickbush said today that it was good to see the twinkle back in my eye since he saw me when I had dengue.  Hermana Eickbush said she always thinks of me when she sees strawberries since I taught her how to say it in Spanish.  I don´t remember that but it´s funny what people remember.  I can´t believe that this is really all going to be over in a week and that soon I will be taking off the tag and back to Elena.  I am sooo grateful for these experiences and the friends I have made.  I started packing last night and am trying to figure out about my suitcases.  My big duffel is starting to rip in one spot so I think I am going to try and check my big red bag and my brown carry on and just carry on a backpack, but we will see if I can fit my stuff in those.  I think it will, based on my beginnings of packing yesterday.  I am leaving a ton of stuff behind.  It is going to be sad saying good bye to Hermana Domgaard on Monday.  Lexxy can you look into options for making t-shirts that say, “I survived dengue in the DR and on the back, dengue Domgaard, and cama Cottam?  I want to order them when I get home.  Hermana Domgaard and I are dengue buddies for life.  Hermana Mcentire is good.  She has a 7a.m. flight to Miami and I have an 8a.m.  She is flying with the elders from Utah through LA.   I got a letter from the hermana in Santiago and she also is flying through LA, so I will have to meet up with her at Costa Vida or ASU sometime.  I can´t believe the next communication we have will be in person ...good times.  It is so crazy.  Only 1 more semana and next Monday I will be chilling at the office with the Eickbushes and have my exit interview and dinner with the president.  We will stay at the CCM and then head out real early Tuesday morning I imagine.  I am planning on working on my talk on the flight since I imagine I will be pretty booked the rest of the week.  I can´t believe it´s been 20 months since I saw Lexxy and over 17 since I saw mis padres.  Well peeps, my time is about up, but it´s been a pleasure emailing you for the last year and a half.  Soon I will just see your faces and hug and kiss you and laugh and talk and party.  I have lots of mailing to keep up with, with my hermana friends here, and I can´t wait for them to meet you sometime.  I sure love you and am so glad I did this.  I couldn´t have done it without all of your support and love and mail and encouragement.  I love my forever family.  See you in 8 days and let the party begin. I love you guys sooooooooooooooooooo much.  Love, ejc

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