July 6, 2011

Last Day at the Provo MTC!

I just put my laundry in and am on the computer now.  Thanks for all the fabulous mail!  That scripture Chessy shared was hilarious - Helaman 3:18 (E & A's favorite number).  I am looking forward to calling tomorrow.  It will be fantastic to talk to you and hear about all that is going on. That's sad about Paul Lemons. Was it kind of expected?  Anyways, I've had a great week here at the MTC.  We had a 4th of July extravaganza on Saturday night with a program of singing and a guy that has worked at the White House a couple of times I think spoke.  They gave us Haagen Daz bars and we went outside to watch the fireworks.  They showed a screen with a map of the world with cartoon missionaries running to each mission as each mission name was on the screen with Hark All Ye Nations playing in the background.  They also had people walk in with flags from all over the world and bagpipes playing.  We sang Praise to the Man too which was cool.  We stayed up late but unfortunately we couldn't sleep in, so we were all pretty sleepy on Fast Sunday.  I bore my testimony in Spanish at our branch this week.  It was short and simple but I thought I should since I was leaving. One of my comps still hasn't got her visa...we should find out around lunch time today if it came through and if not she'll probably just stay until she gets it which might just be a few days.  I'll let you know how it turns out when I talk to you tomorrow.  I'm glad I'm not the one who isn't sure if I'm leaving or not.  We had the MTC director training last week and had a few guest teachers in my class since I'm in the pilot program they'll be implementing all around the world in August.  Not sure how that will work when I get to the DR.  I did meet the DR MTC director which was cool.  He was nice and spoke pretty good English.  I guess there are only around 40 or 50 missionaries and about 10 sisters there.  Crazy!  So we had a great fireside on Sunday with Jenny Oaks Baker. She is Dallin H. Oaks' daughter and is a world class violinist. She played with the national symphony for a while and now does some recordings and stuff.  It was really great.  Another great thing about the fireside was that I sat right in front of Elder Denton and it turned out that Elder Thornton was sitting in the same area too.  Me and my comps had to split up to find a seat and it worked out perfect because we got to take a picture with the 3 of us after which was something I had been wanting to do.  I know that it wasn't a coincidence that I sat where I did. :)   Lexxy - President Mortensen and the branch 40 peeps have been asking about you and said to say hello.  We had a good devotional last night.  Elder Kofford, an Emeritus Seventy, spoke and his wife spoke too for a few minutes.  I sang in the choir and sat next to a senior sister.  This is her 3rd mission and she said that there has to be some blessings for being a widow.  She was super sweet and I thought it was cool how she is continuing to serve.  Sister Kofford told the senior missionaries at the devotional that mission presidents have prayed them to their missions because they are such a strength.  It is great to see the senior missionaries around the MTC.  I can't wait ‘til you get to serve a mission and experience the MTC.  It will be a great experience!  The MTC is awesome and there really is no place on earth that can match the spirit here. Elder Kofford said it is not us but the work that we are doing that makes it special.  I have loved being here.  I am grateful to be a missionary!  I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow.  By the way, that is so cool that Sister Carlson is in our ward.  I guess she'd be in 70th ward too.  I told her and Sister Anderson that I hoped they got to serve in our ward. Pretty sweet.  Have a fabulous day!  Love you tons and tons!  Elena

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