July 14, 2011

Hi from the DR!

So, things are good here in the DR. I printed off Alexis' email and read through it quickly. Bummer about all of the bugs and housing issues, but it sounds like she's doing well.  I've had a good week here at the CCM. Things are going well. I like my teachers and the President is way nice. I also LOVE the senior missionaries here. We see them occasionally during the week and then a lot on Sunday. They are so nice. The people are great here. We went to the temple this morning and did initiatory and then a session. There was a lady there (from the DR) working and she was super sweet (just like the sisters in Mesa). She kissed me a bunch of times and hugged me and was so nice. We just had lunch. The food is good - usually rice and beans and meat for lunch and then tacos or something for dinner. They have pretty regular breakfast stuff. We have bananas all the time, so it's a good thing I like bananas because that is my main source of fruit now. :) Dad - you probably wouldn't care for the food as much but it is good and the meat is actually good too. They also have really good juice. Except that one time we don't think they mixed the concentrate with water so it was kinda like syrup. :) (The people that know Uncle Paul are the Lows.) On Sunday we were all super tired still so the President told us to go take a nap, which was super sweet. It was not the usual thing to do, but when the president told us that we should I wasn't going to turn him down. :) I love being here with the Haitians. We aren't immersed in Spanish like I thought we would be since the Haitians all speak French, but I am learning a few things in French like to say good night after we all have prayer together. We have family prayer every night with everyone in the MTC. We will get some Latinos after the Haitians leave so we'll get some experience with Spanish then. We also go out on Friday afternoons somewhere to contact or something. I'll let you know how that goes. :) We get to go shopping I think in a couple of weeks, so it will be fun to get out and about a little. Also, the package of treats the Greens sent has been awesome. It was fun to get it in Provo but know it is like gold here. They never have dessert at the meals, so having something sweet has been fantastic! So for gym here it is pretty funny. They have a few basketball hoops outside and then a "gym" inside. I've shot some baskets a little bit and played a little soccer version of "keep away" with the Haitian sisters outside. The gym inside has a couple of exercise equipment but they don't really work that much and then they have some weights. But the best part is that they have a ping pong table and Foosball tables. :) We all had to play inside since it was raining one day so we played some Foosball. That's what I call intense exercising. :)   Things are real good here and I'm enjoying it. The other 2 sisters are supposed to get here today, so me and my comp won't have our own bathrooms now, but that's ok. We were spoiled being on our own this first week. I might be able to send some pictures, so I'll try that next week. Thanks for sending the duffel. I love you lots and hope that you have a good week! Love, Elena

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