July 25, 2011

Greetings from Nicaragua

Well, so it has been a good week. The only bad part was that I got sick. I think I got a little flu bug but I am doing much better now. On Wednesday, I didn´t feel great but I worked like normal. Thursday I felt about the same but my comp knew that I wasn´t feeling awesome so we moved a little slower. Thursday night I had a nice little fever going so I took some meds. and went to bed. Friday morning the fever was better so we went to the meetings we have every Friday with the zone and then came back. We worked a little but our appointments weren´t home so we took a nap in the afternoon for an hour. Then we went to a couple of visits and piano class. The elders knew I didn´t feel awesome so they gave me a blessing when they were all at the church. I didn´t feel great so I suggested we go to the Branch President’s house and see if I could stay there with the wife and my companion could go with the daughter. Then I slept until the elders and my comp came to eat at like 8:30. I felt really good when someone in the house put a blanket over me just like you would do if I was on the couch at home. I felt like I have family here and that I am really being taken care of. I don’t know who did it. My love for the people grew a lot in that small act. Anyway, the elders got there and I wasn´t feeling good. Then I felt like puking. I didn´t have shoes on so I couldn´t hurry outside so I just puked all over the blankets that were on me. The Branch President was nice and just said ¨tranquila hermana, tranquila¨ which I took to mean don’t worry. As soon as I puked then everyone starts calling the nurse and the assistants to the president. I felt a lot better after I puked and just sat there while the elders and my comp ate. I drank a little but puked that on the way home, luckily outside of the house. The Branch President and his wife were cool and took care of it all.  Well, anyway, I told them all I would be fine and that I would take some meds and sleep and I would feel better in the morning. I had a good fever going but I took my Advil and went to bed. I felt better a little on Saturday but not great. We didn´t find two members that could help do some divisions so my comp could go out, so we stayed in all day except to buy some saltine crackers and Powerade. My fever got better and Sunday I felt a little better. We just went to the first hour of church and came back. I ate regular food and my fever got even better and stayed that way without meds. We found two members to do divisions on Sunday so one stayed with me for about 3 hours. Today I am doing fine and have no fever. I am just a little tired but I think tomorrow I will be back to the normal missionary life. I am doing fine and everyone took good care of me. So that was the excitement for the week. Don´t worry, I was well taken care of! So other than that, this week has been pretty good.  Oh, I was reading in the July Liahona/Ensign the article about work and a little part about caring for elderly parents.  I also enjoyed reading Elder Paul V. Johnson´s talk from conference this morning.  I liked how he said that we will have just the right amount of trials in this life - we can do whatever is put in front of us. I am really enjoying reading the talks from conference. I read one each time in my personal study. I also like Elder Holland’s article in the July Liahona about faith and pioneers. We can all have the same kind of faith to face our challenges now even though they are different than the pioneers had.  I am glad to hear that Lenny is doing good in the DR. Well, I don´t know how much letter writing I will get done today or if we will have a regular p-day next week or an activity. They had an activity today playing soccer but we didn´t go since I am still recovering. I am guessing we will have a regular p-day next week so hopefully I can do better on the letters.  I think there were DearElders from the Thorntons and Mary as well as mail from you. I just looked to see who sent them but I am excited to read lots and lots! Well, love you tons and I know the gospel is true. I am happy here and well taken care of. Don´t worry about me at all! Love you lots my forever family! Love, Alexis

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