May 30, 2011

Nicaragua Week 2

Here's the email we got this afternoon after Alexis' fun outing to the beach with her zone. 

Hola - we had a good week this week. And we should have a baptism on Saturday. I am very excited for my first one. It is a man, and his daughter should be getting baptized the next week. We are working hard and I am learning my way around the town. The members are really fantastic. They go out with us a lot and we enjoy working with them. Yesterday we went out with the relief society president (or in spanish Presidente de la sociedad de soccoro? not sure if I spelled that right but president of the society of succor) and her daughter. The daughter served her mission in El Salvador East. They are both really nice and I enjoyed being with them. Also in their house they had an english efy cd (I think the one elena and I went to) and that was fun to hear. Later that night we went on splits with the rs president and the branch president´s wife and daughter. I went with the rs pres and I did pretty well I think. I was able to share a scripture and short message and she filled the rest. Really, missionary work is like full time visiting teaching. We just go to visit after visit. I could understand most of what she said and when I didn´t I just smile and that usually works. It has rained hard a couple of times, so I have used my coat and boots. But the boots, I put on after it had rained thinking it would rain again, but it didn´t so I pretty much looked foolish for the part of the day I wore them. It was good though. Yeah, so today we rode the bus about 30 minutes and met up with the rest of the zone. Then we took another bus about 45 minutes to the beach. It was fun and I just wrote letters and listened to the waves. The elders played some soccer on the beach. There was a guy who came and talked to me, but really just wanted to be my boyfriend. One of the elders said he seemed drunk. He was pretty crazy! But we had a good time anyway. Then we rode the bus back to the place we met the zone and ate at this pizza place. It was pretty good and they had fresca to drink. But here it is not diet, but it was good. Then we came back here. Anyway, it was good to get out and see some of Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean.  I am enjoying it here and it is starting to feel like home. The food is good - a lot of beans and rice. I usually ask for a poquito (small) portion because otherwise it is way too much. It is good. We eat alot of platano ( similar to banana). It is kind of potato like and tastes like french fries when they fry it. We tried the food of el salvador the other night - pupusas. They were good. Kind of a filled tortilla. So that should be good for Tanner.  Happy Memorial Day- I think that it is today. I would have loved to watch the PBS special with you - I guess 2013 will do. And Happy Mothers Day. Today it is mothers day here.  I didn´t get a haircut last week and didn´t have time today, so hopefully next week. The one sister recommended a place but said it was kind of expensive 50 cords ( that is like $2.50).   Anyways, I am trying to think of what else to tell you.  Life is good here. We work hard but it is good. It will be nice to see some results on Saturday at the baptism.  I am excited to read my letters I got today in more detail. I just skimmed them before because I wanted to write letters and I should do that during pday. I can read whenever. Thanks for the package.  Well, I think I will send this and read your emails in more detail. I will look forward to getting them on dearelder too. Hopefully this week. Thanks for being so good with the mail. Well, have fun at the stake youth conference elena. I am sure it will be a good time. And, that is cool about Monson´s mission call to Chile.  Any way I think that is about it here from masatepe. Sorry I wrote so late today. Thanks for being the bestest people on planet earth. I love you all tons and miss you too, but that will make our reunion so much greater. Have a fantastic week and I will look forward to more mail. Love you lots, Alexis

UPDATE ON ALEXIS' ADDRESS...she says this will work better for regular mail.
Hermana Alexis Cottam
Apartado Postal 3527
Managua, Nicaragua

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Theresa Hallock said...

Hermana Cottam is doing a super job! She looks so happy and I am sure everyone in Nicaragua is happy to have her there. Our family is proud to know her. Be sure to let her know that she is remembered in our thoughts and prayers each day. With Love...the Hallock Family