May 4, 2011

Guatemala...less than two weeks left

It's been a fabulous week getting two week's worth of mail from Alexis and getting a call from Guatemala to tell us we could call her on Mother's Day!  We can't wait!!!  Here's this week's email.

Hola- It has been a good week with my new companions. I have two companions Hermanas Godoy and Lucas. Hermana Godoy is from El Salvador and Hermana Lucas is from Guatemala. She is going to Guatamala South and Hma Godoy to Honduras. They are super nice and put up nicely with my spanish. Both were the YW presidents before they came. They both just turned 21 on the 23 and 27 of April. Hma Lucas went through the temple the same day she came to the CCM. Anyway they are super sweet and I enjoy working with them. Sometimes I don't understand what they say but I just nod or have them say it again. Being in a district of Latinos is good and fun. Sometimes I have no idea what they are saying but they are nice to me and help me out. Last week we went to the temple and did a spanish session. It was good. I am assuming we are doing the same today since I have Latina companions. There are a few missionaries going through for the first time today so that is exciting. There are 38 of us, 13 sisters and the rest elders. It is good to be a smaller group. I am glad you got to talk to Sister Lopez about the phone call on Sunday. I am super excited!  I think we get like 15 minutes. It will be good to talk to you. I cannot believe I have just over a week left. Crazy!  So we had a great devotional last night. It was a tape from Elder Bednar at a MTC devotional in Provo. He told us to stop worrying about whether we think our thoughts are the spirit or our own. As long as we are being good girls and boys, we will be guided. He told us a cool story about him as a missionary in Germany giving 20marks? to Elder Packer for a train ride and how 20 years later he found out those 20 marks got Elder Packer and his wife through East Germany. He said Elder Packer told the story in a BYU Idaho devotional, so you might want to look it up. The MTC devotionals aren't out in the public but you could probably find that one. I think it is called the 20 mark note. Anyway, real cool.  So the Gunnell's nephew is here as one of the new north americans. And on Wednesday when we went to the temple the Hebers remembered it had been my birthday, so that was nice. I talked to the Steimles about Kerry and he wanted to know if Kerry was still skiing. He took him skiing his first time I think. Also the mail situation, I got your envelope with the ward newsletter last Thursday and the dear elders from the 24th. Yesterday I got my birthday card from Mary and I am hoping to get some dearelders today or tomorrow. I don't know if you want to start sending stuff to my mission though. I probably would get dearelders next week if all goes as usual, but whatever you think.  Sorry this is kind of discombobulated. I write things down to remember so I can get everything in. It is going well here. I am excited to get to Nicaragua though too.  I don't have tons of letter writing time today, so I will try to get as many done as I can. Thanks for being so awesome. I love you all so much and am doing great. Have a Happy Mothers day before I talk to you. I can't wait! Love, Alexis

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